Sunday, 1 April 2018

Power Armoured Paint: Scout Forces Complete!

Welcome back to the Vault my fellow Venturers; I hope you are enjoying your Easter Eggs, other chocolate treats, and of course, indulging in some hobby time over the holiday weekend. With the realisation that Mayhem is a mere handful of weeks away I've been knuckling down to painting as I still have most of my Space Shark army to complete!

I'm making good progress and so far this weekend I've completed the Scouts. Here's the first squad:

Scout Squad Bravo
And here's the second:
Scout Squad Charlie
This completes all the Troop choices for the Mayhem list, so here are the obligatory group shots:

The Scouts advance!

And here's the Servo-Skull eye's view!
Fifteen Scouts; that's not a lot of regular troopers for one of my armies, but I always planned for this list to be something out of my normal comfort zone.  I use Scouts in my other Space Marine army (the Light Bringers), and whilst painting these Sharks it struck me how different the same base model kit can look/feel with some simple conversions and a different paint job.

Here's a few of the Light Bringers just to illustrate the point. First up some Bolter Scouts fully equipped with Camo Cloaks and night vision goggles.

Tail end Charlie readies Overwatch:

Scout Sergeant advances bearing a massive Power Axe "borrowed" from some Space Wolves!

There are still plenty of Space Sharks to paint, and I've now moved onto blocking the major colours on the remain Devestators and the Aggressors:

Lots of Lascannons!

Fingers crossed I'll get some more painting completed on the Bank Holiday Monday; I'd love to get the Devestators completed!

Thanks for reading, and see you back in the Vault again soon.

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