Sunday 19 February 2023

Warsmith's Words: Mustering Iron Warriors for Doubles

 Welcome back to the Vault! Next weekend I'll be participating in First Founding's annual Doubles 40K tournament, partnered with fellow heretic Lyle. We'll be bringing two Chaos Space Marine lists; Iron Warriors and Emperors Children.

As has become something of a Vault tradition I thought I'd share my list and a few pictures of my assembled force.

  This is a 1000 point Arks of Omen detachment (995 points total):

+ HQ  +

  • Lord Discordant on Helstalker [190pts, -1CP]: Baleflamer, Techno-virus injector, Gorget of Eternal Hate,  Mark of Khorne
  • Warpsmith "The Lord of Disappointments" [80pts, -2CP]: Warlord: Architect of Destruction, Relic: Techno-venomous Mechatendrils

+ Troops +

  • Legionaries [90pts]: Aspiring Champion w Plasma pistol & Power axe, 2x Chainswords, Heavy Chain Axe, Lascannon
  • Legionaries [90pts]: Aspiring Champion w Plasma pistol & Power axe, 2x Chainswords, Heavy Chain Axe, Lascannon
  • Legionaries [90pts]: Aspiring Champion w Plasma pistol & Daemon Blade, 2x Chainswords, Heavy Chain Axe, Lascannon

+ Elites +

  • Helbrute "Congrieve" [115pts]: Chaos Undivided, Missile launcher, Twin lascannon 
  • Helbrute "Eubanks" [105pts]: Chaos Undivided, Combi-bolter, Helbrute fist, Multi-melta

+ Fast Attack +

  • Venomcrawler [105pts]: 2x Excruciator cannon, Soulflayer tendrils and claws

+ Heavy Support +

  • Chaos Vindicator [130pts]: Demolisher siege cannon, Vindicator siege shield

I've gone for a fairly balanced mix of punching and shooting. The Legionnaire squads have been pulled together from a variety of other units; the Champions (including a down-graded Kranan the Relentless) are from the original charity shop purchase which kicked off this project whilst the Lascannons have been seconded from the Havoks.

I like the Warpsmith combo for buffing and healing the Vindicator, whilst keeping the tank in Wanton Destruction mode all game.

The Disco Lord doesn't have his usual Relic/Warlord trait (Mantle of Traitors/Flames of Spite) so it will be interesting to see if I miss them or not. He does have the Gorget of Hate to make him a bit tankier, plus Mark of Khorne to access a Deny stratagem.

I'll report back on how well team Iron Within, Fabulous Without do!

Sunday 5 February 2023

Warsmith's Words: Raptors and Warp Talons

 Welcome back to the Vault! Life has been very full on recently, but I've found some time to write a blog post. My hobby time still continues to be very Iron Warrior focused, although it feels like there's been more playing than painting recently!

I'm currently painting 10 Possessed; the sculpts are lovely, but the level of detail on them is insane! I've finished the trim on all the power armour, and am now considering the fleshy/spiky/gribbly bits. I'm taking these fairly slowly just to avoid burning out.

I do have a back log of completed units to share on the blog. So for today here are the Raptors and Warp Talons.