Sunday 26 February 2017

Power from Paint: Death Magnetic

The latest in the Power from Paint series of articles. This is coming on the end of a busy week of hobby and gaming so will be short on words, and long on pictures (hurray I hear you cry!).

Once a month I hold a gaming weekend, usually D&D on Saturday evenings followed by 40K on the Sunday. And today's 40K was all about Kill Team as we have the club Kill Team day next week.

So it's been a rush to get the Reaver Jet Bikes in some semblance of order for match day. Warning, it gets pic heavy after the break.

More colour than I managed on the Reavers :(

Thursday 23 February 2017

Fifty Word Fiction: Patrolling from the Keep on the Borderland.

The Keep on the Borderlands regularly sends out patrols through the Gift and into The Dead Lands. A typical patrol is comprised of seven members; a patrol officer, his sergeant, a tracker and 4 troopers.

This week’s Fifty Word Fiction describes the members of one of these patrols; the Black Hawks.

The Black Hawk Colours

Sunday 19 February 2017

Frostgrave; the review

One of my favourite games systems at the moment is Frostgrave; Fantasy Wargaming in the Frozen City. This is a skirmish miniatures game set in the icy climes of a wintry ancient city where players control war bands competing against each other for lost treasures.

And meet friendly locals like this guy:

Wormy says hi!

Thursday 16 February 2017

Power from Paint: Reaver Jetbikes

Greeting once again my fellow Archons. Time to share the fruits of another Dark Eldar hobby session in the second of the Power from Paint series of articles.

My attention continues to be focused upon Reaver Jetbikes and I've taken the flock up to an impressive 12 models!

A dozen spiky bikes!

Thursday 9 February 2017

Fifty Word Fiction: Artifacts of The Gift

Greeting once again visitors to the Vault.

This installment of Fifty Word Fiction concerns artifacts, constructs and creations of wondrous power that have been made, found or traded within The Gift. I hope something you find something to your liking.

The Crystal Naiad

Sunday 5 February 2017

Power from Paint: Dark Eldar reinforcements

Hello once again fellow readers.

In my last 40K article I had decided on taking the wonderfully spiky Dark Eldar to the upcoming Mayhem tournament. The Dark Eldar have an army wide special rule called "Power from Pain", hence the name of a series of articles around the process of building, painting and playing evil space pixies; "Power from Paint".

Um, no. Not suitable for Dark Eldar. Fine for cheaty Craftworld Eldar though.

Thursday 2 February 2017

Fifty Word Fiction: Residents of The Gift

Hello again dear readers; it's time for another thrilling installment of Fifty Word Fiction.

Fifty Word Fiction is  a challenge I set myself whilst setting up the blog to write a brief gaming related piece of text every day. This week's topic has been to capture some of the notable Non Player Character (NPC) residents of The Gift.

I hope you enjoy meeting an industrious farmer and his wife, a restless halfling and a *very* annoying wizard's familiar among others. I'm looking forward to portraying them on the tabletop.