Sunday 30 January 2022

Regimental Reporting: Mustering for Doubles

 Welcome back to the Officers Mess! I've blinked and January is almost over; by the time I've blinked again it will be First Founding's Doubles Tournament at the end of February. I've partnered with Scott for the event and we are going with something of a themed pairing. Scott is bringing his Gene Stealer Cult whilst I will be wheeling out the Imperial Guard.

I've written a draft list and it needs some bits and pieces painted for it; primarily some Scions and some new weapon options for my Leman Russ Battle Tanks. I'd like to try out some Demolisher Cannons, and I decided to paint the Punisher Gatling Cannons at the same time. 

The Demolisher variant turret has this funky bayonet fitting so it's incredibly simple to secure a new option onto the model.

Sunday 23 January 2022

Tales from Titan: Looking forward

 Welcome back to the Vault! I'm riding the wave of motivation post the Casual Serious RTT. I've got some ideas for new lists/tweaks to try out, but the imminent release of Chapter Approved with a series of points changes and modifications to army building rules may put a crimp in some of those.

Something more certain however is the need to base my Interceptors! I've got a few other models also in need of basing so I've tackled them all as a batch.

Monday 17 January 2022

Tales from Titan: The Casual Serious RTT

 Welcome back to the Vault! I'm taking the opportunity to write this post whilst recovering from an epic weekend of Warhammer 40,000. Saturday afternoon was spent finishing the Interceptor squad and printing lists, etc. in advance of Sunday's event; the Casual Serious Rogue Trader Tournament (RTT) in Horsell, Surrey. 

I was very lucky to be invited to attend this tournament; this was the inaugural Casual Serious event and the organisers were using the day as a "beta test" for future tournaments. There were 9 players (Lyle and Dean the organisers alternating as the "odd man"), some of whom I knew from First Founding, and others were new faces! It's always great to meet and play different opponents.

Sunday 9 January 2022

Tales from Titan: Interceptors Work In Progress

 Welcome back to the Vault! I'm focused on preparing for next week's inaugural "Casual Serious" RTT; this is my first non-First Founding 40K event in a *long* time (albeit a number of the First Founding members will be present) and I'm looking forward to visiting another venue and meeting some new players.

I've been painting up a new unit of 10 Interceptors:

Sunday 2 January 2022

Tales from Titan: Strike Marines

Happy New Year from the Vault! I hope you've all had a good break and the opportunity to indulge in some hobby and gaming time. I've played some board games with the family and also given my Grey Knights a run out using the new Codex.

There's a lot going on in this book, and it will take some games to get familiar with the new rules. My first list used a lot of MSU power armour units, including 3 Purifier Squads. I felt this was too many and so I decided to change one of the Purifier squads to a Strike Squad to provide some more Objective Secured into the list.

All my Purifier Squads are armed with double Psycannons which unfortunately isn't a legal load out for a 5 man Strike unit. And so I've needed to paint up a model or two for this new configuration. One of the Purifier Squads is actually made from old-school Metal Strike Marines, and conveniently I happened to have two unpainted sitting in the Pile of Promise/Mound of Opportunity*.

*These phrases being 2022's rebranding of the Pile of Shame! These are all future hobby projects to be enjoyed.

 And these two Champions of Titan are now complete!