Sunday 28 November 2021

Pestilential Painting: Plague Surgeon Work In Progress

 Welcome back to the Vectorium! This week has passed in a blur, but I have managed to squeeze a brief painting session in. I'm working on a Death Guard Plague Surgeon, which has been a lot of fun to paint.

The model is a great juxtaposition to the normal Plague Marines as he's relatively "uncorrupt"; presumably due to his medical skills! Here's a few pictures of the painting so far.

Sunday 21 November 2021

Pestilential Painting: Morslug

 Welcome back to the Vectorium!  I received an invitation to play Kill Team (2018) at First Founding with Neil and Kanan, so I decided to bring along the Death Guard. I like to use a gaming event as an excuse to paint a model or two if possible, and so this was the perfect opportunity for a new Plague Marine to join the roster.

 I've had the Series 3 Heroes in the pile of opportunity for a while, so these were the ideal candidates to choose from. I have plenty of shooty and choppy Plague Marines painted, but none with the infamous poo cannons; so the mighty Morslug was selected for duty!

Sunday 14 November 2021

Pestilential Painting: Send in the Drones

 Welcome back to the Vectorium! Like a lot of hobbyists I have a list of projects, and a vague plan/painting order in which I want to complete them. For example I've got a unit of Deathshroud Terminators all primed which will take my Death Guard to 2000 points, and a whole bunch of Dark Eldar Coven models for the Hero Forge Challenge.

But some days you just need to say screw it, and see where the hobby butterfly takes you! I really enjoy painting the Death Guard Daemon Engines, and so the recent painting sessions have been spent on another Foetid Bloat Drone.