Sunday 30 December 2018

Power from Paint: Dizzy with Joy

Welcome back to the Vault my fellow Archons! I hope you've been enjoying the festive season, and had the opportunity to indulge in some hobby and gaming.  I've been spoilt rotten by family and friends for gaming loot (more on this later in the post), and I've enjoyed the opportunity to build and paint some 40K models.

I am taking part in First Founding's 40K doubles tournament in February and I'm teamed with the club's resident Eldar player. Of course this means I shall be taking the Kabal of the Sand Viper out for another raid!

We waited until Chapter Approved 2018 to be released before (so as to be sure of points changes) before drafting our army lists (1000 points, single detachment, rule of 2, per player). We've got decent lists with a good theme, and I've come away with some hobby homework (i.e. new units to build and paint).

First up is a new Ravager armed with triple Dizzy Cannons (painted following the guide here). Santa Claus was very kind to Space Marine players with the new Primaris Marine formation and rules in the Vigilus Campaign Book, and so I've responded as any proper Archon should; I've put more ways to kill Primaris into my force! 

Sunday 23 December 2018

The Gift: Session 5 Adventure Log

Session Five begins as the heroes return from the Dark Eye Tower to Nanny Ogg's cottage to determine their next course of action. Feeling the party have worked well together Cade asks the characters to help him & Albert deal with the "infestation" of Stirges nesting in the ruins of their cottage. The party agree to help and once rested up visit Cade's land.

Hind sneaks up to the ruined building and confirms the bat like creatures are roosting in the rafters, below the remains of the thatched roof. They have obviously been there for some time as the floor is slick with guano. The party decide to smoke the vermin out; torches are lit,  thrown onto the roof of the building and soon the thatch and timbers are alight. The stirges awaken and flee the flames in terror, seeking a safer refuge. Cade's unwelcome visitors have been dealt with!

Sunday 16 December 2018

Frostgrave: The Smoke Silver Swords

Welcome back to Felstad my fellow Wizards. It's time for another tale of wonder from the ruined City of Wonders; today we will learn of the mysterious Smoke Silver Swords!

Many warriors and soldiers have perished within Felstad, and a number of their souls wander lost and and tormented among the fallen chambers and echoing plazas of the City. Some still maintain a  lingering tether to their mortal remains, shackled to the weapons they bore. When a number of such spirits are in close proximity to each other their agony is multiplied and made manifest in the form of Smoke Silver Swords.

Sunday 9 December 2018

Frostgrave: Marley's Spectral Chains

Today I bring you a story from chill Felstad; that fabulous ruined city of Frostgrave fame. Pull your chair closer to the tavern fireside and I will begin the tale of Marley's Chains! 

Marley was not a particular noteworthy Wizard of the Magical City, save for the reputation; he made coin and surely begrudged spending the same. A squeezing, wrenching, grasping, scraping, clutching, covetous, old sinner even when his mortal time and passed he ensured that no one would benefit from his wealth. From beyond the grave Marley protects his treasure with Spectral Chains!

As the Cultist approached the treasure, Marley's Chain shimmered into reality!

Sunday 2 December 2018

Kill Team: Tyranid Warrior Reinforcements

The Warp clears and we return to the Vault once more dear Venturers! My hobby butterfly has landed squarely in the 41st Millenium recently; I've played a couple of games of doubles 40K (in preparation for First Founding's team tournament) with my Death Watch Marines and finished a quick painting project in the form of some Tyranid Warriors for Kill Team. You can see all the Warriors below: