Saturday 30 September 2017

For Fraser

I heard earlier this week about the untimely death of a friend and long term fellow D&D player. He always bought a laugh to our table, and I wanted to share a story from our gaming table. This particular tale comes waaaay back from our D&D campaign at the Bun Shop club.

I hope you enjoy the post and excuse the cliches (I'm not a fiction writer!)


Welcome to my hearth side old friend. Draw yourself an ale, sit yourself down, make yourself comfortable. We should talk of older times; days of our youth, and of fantastic things we have done and seen. After all, now we have spent all the gold and age has spent the strength from our sword arms, these memories are all we have of that summer.

There are so many tales we could share; of the flame-obsessed halfling thief, or the warrior who fell asleep up a tree and fell to his death. Perhaps the story of the fighter who drowned from a potion or the ranger so ashamed of his behaviour in a tavern he renounced the world and took monastic orders.

These are all good stories (and all true, I swear!) but this evening I want to share my recollections of the Dwarf who was and was not Cursed.

Sunday 24 September 2017

40K: First thoughts on Kill Team for the New Edition

I'm struggling for introductions to my articles. Hello Readers doesn't sound right; something more alliterative would be appropriate. Vaulters sounds like you should be practicing gymnastics or jumping around with a long pole, but you could venture into a vault. So Venturers it is!

Welcome back faithful Venturers! I wrote an article recently about my first game of Shadow War Armageddon and compared it to the Kill Team of previous editions.  I've actually been thinking about how to modify Kill Team for 8th edition and I decided to capture my notes in this article as a draft for discussion.

Tyranid Warriors stalk the ruined Imperial City

Sunday 17 September 2017

New to the Review Crew!

Greetings once again dear readers! Today's post is short but exciting all the same! Long term readers of my ramblings may recall I've written a handful of articles for Multiverse. Multiverse is a great site to visit, covering books, comics and of course games.

I think Multiverse Team must have liked my articles as they have asked me to join their review team. Could I say no? Of course not!

Dragon. Gets the point across I feel. 

Sunday 10 September 2017

Skirmishes in the Shadow War

Welcome back to the Vault once again!  The wonderful hobby butterfly has well and truly struck home this week with a visit to the war torn planet of Armageddon and a game set in the heart of the Shadow War.  Whilst we are in transit to planet side, we'll take a little detour to consider *how* we choose the miniatures we decide to play on the tabletop.


Sunday 3 September 2017

Frostgrave: The Rune Stone Race

Hello again from the Vault, and thanks for stopping by to read my latest hobby scribblings! Some time ago I ran a Frostgrave demo session at my local club (First Founding in Chessington, SW London), and the idea of running a Frostgrave campaign has resurfaced on the club Facebook group.

We've had a number of successful campaigns recently (Dropzone Commander, Blood Bowl), and an Infinity campaign is about to kick off so I offered to knock up some rules for the Frostgrave fun and games.

First Founding; the regular venue for a Friday night fire fight!