Sunday 25 September 2022

Warsmith's Words: Iron Warrior Relics

 Welcome back to the Vault! Octoberfest beckons and I'm going to have to nail my list down. I think I've got the guts of the units selected and painted and I'm now fretting over the last few points and deciding if I want to invest any of my precious CP in Relics for my forces.

I thought it would be useful to do a review of the available Relics in a similar manner to the previous Warlord Traits post to help me narrow down my selections.

Monday 19 September 2022

Warsmith's Words: More Reinforcements have arrived!

 Welcome back to the Vault! I am on something of a hobby streak at the moment, having completed two more models for the mighty Iron Warriors over this weekend. Both are likely to make the final line up for Octoberfest (although I'm still procrastinating over my list!)

First up is the terrifying Master of Possession.

Sunday 11 September 2022

Warsmith's Words: Iron Warrior Terminators

 Welcome back to the Vault! My recent painting sessions have been focused on completing the ten Iron Warrior Terminators I started a few weeks ago. A final push over this weekend has seen them all completed and based. 

I enjoyed painting them in the main (although batch painting can be a bit of a pain), and as suspected there was a lot of fun in painting up all the trophies. I've also experimented with a new paint which I'm quite pleased with as well.

Sunday 4 September 2022

Warsmith's Words: Iron Warrior Warlord Traits

 Welcome back to the Vault! My hobby time this week has been spent painting the Iron Warriors Terminators. I've almost completed the base coats and am looking forward to getting onto the washes and shading.

Octoberfest is a little over a month away and whilst the rules pack hasn't been published yet I do know the basics:

  • 1500 points
  • Tempest of War Missions
  • Nephilim Command Point rules

The last of these will be a challenge for me as I do like to spend some pre-game CP on Relics and Warlord Traits and these are curtailed under the Nephilim rules. Even the normally free first Warlord Trait and Relics cost CP (1 each), and you only start with 6 as opposed to the normal 12!

Let's have a look at the Warlord Traits available to the Iron Warriors and see if there are any worth investing our precious CP on!