Sunday 29 March 2020

Frostgrave: The Umbral Portals

Welcome back to the Vault once more my fellow Venturers, and I hope you are all keeping yourselves safe and well during these uncertain times.  Gaming wise I've been playing various board games with the family, and participated in the First Founding Dark Sun D&D campaign session over Discord which was a lot of fun.

I had also planned to play a solo Frostgrave scenario, but my eldest daughter decided she'd like to play so we had an impromptu rumble across the ruins of Felstad; this was a great way to spend a couple of hours!

All the fantasy gaming has put me in the mood to paint some related model, so I decided to pick up my Malign Sorcery project.  I've been painting up some of the wonderful Age of Sigmar Endless Spells models and coming up for some rules for them in Frostgrave.  Next on the list are the Umbral Spell Portals.

Sunday 22 March 2020

Frostgrave: Vapour Snakes

Welcome back to the Vault my fellow Venturers. In these uncertain times it seems frivolous to be writing about toy soldiers and board games, but whilst we practice social distancing and self isolation at a physical level we can still maintain connections about the hobbies we love through the gift of the internet.

So I hope you are all keeping yourselves safe and well, and taking time to indulge in your hobbies to keep rooted to a level of normality.

Gamers always seem to be able to adapt to changing situations; we just happen to be in moving in a new cross system, global meta, and I know friends and family are already adopting new approaches to their gaming.  The First Founding D&D group are investigating Discord, and my family are enjoying regular evening board games sessions.

I want to explore Frostgrave's solo play expansion,  Perilous Dark in more depth.  I've had a trial run of the first scenario ("Writhing Fumes") which did not end well, but I'm planning a second run through. The scenario calls for the use of some specialist monsters called Vapour Snakes and I came across a The Tabletop Engineer's excellent tutorial for scratch building some.

So how did my efforts turn out?

Sunday 15 March 2020

Tales from Titan: Scratching beneath the surface

Welcome back to the Vault! I've had a productive hobby session this week working on my Van Saar gang in advance of the club's Necromunda campaign and continuing to slap paint on the pile of unpainted fantasy monsters.

I've also been digging deeper into the Grey Knights rules in the Ritual of the Damned supplement, and I'm quite excited by some of the tricks on offer!  Let's have a look at some of the tricks I've spotted.

Sunday 8 March 2020

Tales from Titan: Legend Has It

Welcome back to the Vault once more! Long term readers will know I'm pretty casual with my competitive 40K; meaning that I rarely enter events beyond those organised at my local club and store, and I tend to play lists I find fun rather than cut throat "meta" lists.

That's not to say I don't indulge in more competitive games on occasion.  Several of my play group are keen tournament players and will happily travel long distances to throw dice and move models. Recently I was asked by Marcus our resident Eldar player for a game against my Grey Knights (specifically the double Paladin bomb list that's been doing well at a number of large tournaments in the wake of the Rituals of the Damned book). 

Sunday 1 March 2020

New Games and New Projects

Welcome back to the Vault! Regular readers will know that I'm lucky to belong to a local club called First Founding which has a lot of different systems and games on offer.  Last year I hardly strayed out of my 40K comfort zone on club nights with a rare foray into Kill Team. 

At the start of this year I made a resolution to actively seek out and play some different games, and I've dived in head first.

First up is a Necromunda campaign, where in player controls a gang of thugs and scummers to control the lawless regions of the Underhive. I've never played this sci fi skirmish game before, but it seems very well regarded, and so I've thrown my hat in the ring to fight leading the high tech goons of House Van Saar.

I've assembled my gang according to the rule of cool (i.e. chucked the coolest looking guns onto the models), and painted the first Mook!