Saturday 24 December 2022

A Tale of Two Santas: Chaos Noctilith Crown

 Welcome back to the Vault, and a very Happy Christmas to you all. Regular readers will appreciate I haven't posted in a while; I've made some priority changes to my schedule in the last couple of months and whilst I am blogging less I am painting more. There is a veritable back log of Iron Warriors to share in upcoming posts.

I've been involved in a Christmas painting challenge. In 2020 a number of my friends participated in a "Tale of Four Santas" producing painted models as gifts for each other. This year we revisited the challenge in a slightly different manner; each participant would keep the model but the particular miniature had to be inspired by the lyrics of the "The Twelve Days of Christmas". 

For me there was an obvious choice; the Chaos Noctilith Crown aka the Stargate. The central ring would serve wonderfully as a Gold Ring.