Sunday 8 October 2023

Golden Gaming: Adeptus Custodian Guard

 Welcome back to the Vault! It's been some time since I've posted, but fear not, I have been both painting and gaming! It turns out that 10th edition 40K was pretty awful at launch for a variety of reasons, so I've actually been playing other systems (Kill Team 18, Necromunda, D&D 5e) over the summer, and painting models to match.

Since the 40K balanced data slates have dropped the game seem to be returning to a semblance of sanity I'm dipping my toes back into the system. It's time to learn a the new edition with a new army so I'm painting up some Adeptus Custodes! First off the paint desk are a squad of Custodian Guard.

Thursday 13 July 2023

Warsmith's Words: Preparing for 40K 10th edition

 Welcome back to the Vault! Since my last post we've had the release of 10th edition, and I've spent a fair amount of time building the shiny new models in the Leviathan box. That's an awful lot more models added to the Pile of Promise.

I've played a couple of games with the new rules, and they are OK; some stuff I like and some changes which just leaving me shaking my head wondering what the hell the designers were thinking.

I've got a 10th ed tournament in a couple of weekends which should be a lot of fun, and a good opportunity to get some familiarity with the rules. The Iron Warriors will be in attendance, although I still haven't settled on a list.

Painting wise I've butterflied around a few projects. First up is an Iron Warriors Terminator Lord: 

Sunday 18 June 2023

Power Armoured Paint: Ultramarines

Welcome back to the Vault! I'm taking advantage of a lazy Father's Day to build some new models for my Iron Warriors to hit the 10th edition 40k table top. But that isn't the topic of today's post! 

Having painted an awful lot of Silver and Brass in recent months I fancied painting a change of colour scheme. I've played a decent amount of Boarding Actions recently and so I thought a new 500 point boarding force would be fun to do. I have an awful lot of Space Marine models in the Pile of Promise, and so here's a fully finished set of 40ks Poster Boys, the Ultramarines.

First up is the Leader; a sneaky Phobos Librarian

Wednesday 10 May 2023

Warsmith's Words: Mayhem! Trophies!

 Welcome back to the Vault. I had a fantastic day at the Mayhem tournament. Gaming wise I placed 13th out of 30 having games against Votann, Iron Hands and a mirror match into a Iron Warriors. 

I won against the Iron Hands, and suffered two losses. Regardless of the results all the games were good fun and I'd love to play against any of my opponents again.  The opposing Iron Warriors list had some interesting unit selections which has got me thinking about what to build and paint next.

Putting the gaming to one side I did take home a trophy. Varchilde's IV legion were awarded Best Painted Army! Absolutely chuffed to have won this, and it now has pride of place on the shelf in the front room.

Monday 1 May 2023

Warsmith's Words: Mayhem Preparations

Welcome back to the Vault! It's May Day and that means the Mayhem tournament is almost upon us, and I've been slapping paint on my last few models for the event. As I'm still trench-deep in painting Iron Warriors (and loving it!) it was inevitable I'd be taking the IV Legion to war.

Sunday 16 April 2023

Warsmith's Words: Spawns and Fiends, oh my!

 Welcome back to the Vault. My obsession with all things Chaotic continues with some more additions to the Iron Warriors. First up is the mighty Forge Fiend. I fully intend to bring this beastie to the Mayhem tournament next month where I fully intend to abuse it's shooting capability with the Methodical Annihilation Stratagem.

Sunday 26 March 2023

Warsmith's Words: March to Victory

 Welcome back to the Vault! I can't believe it's over a month since my last post; time is flying by these days. Whilst the blog has been quiet, my hobby activities have not. I played in First Founding's Doubles Tournament where my Iron Warriors and Lyle's Emperors Children won two out of three games, finishing 8th out of 18 games. As always I enjoyed the day and I'm looking forward to Mayhem where I'll be taking the Iron Warriors to their first singles event.

I've also played some smaller games; a 500 point Boarding Action (a format which has a lot of depth to be explored) and a couple of narrative Kill Team '18 games where my Death Guard have been trying to board an Imperial Cruiser manned by White Scars and Omega Guardians.

I've also been painting Iron Warriors. What feels like a lot of Iron Warriors! So bit of a picture dump next...

First up is the Master of Execution.