Monday 5 February 2024

Golden Gaming: Adeptus Custodes ready for battle

Welcome back to the Vault! Next weekend is First Founding's Doubles tournament and I will be attending with my shiny Golden Boys aka The Adeptus Custodes.

Work has been hectic this month but I have managed to find the time to finish up this small but lethal force. Let's have a look at the list!

The army list itself:

Adeptus Custodes, Incursion (1000 points), Shield Host Detachment

Trajann Valoris (160 points), Warlord

5 Custodian Guard (225 points), 4 Spears, 1 Sword and Shield
5 Custodian Guard (225 points), 4 Spears, 1 Sword and Shield
4 Prosecutors (40 points)

2 Allarus Custodians (130 points), 2 Spears
2 Allarus Custodians (130 points), 1 Spear, 1 Axe

Callidus Assassin (90 points)

And here are a few more pictures. Astute readers may note there are 5 Prosecutors; I merely happen to have painted all 5 from the sprue although I only have the points to take 4 in the list!

I am paired with Pete H and his Leagues of Votann. We've done quite well in practice games so far, and the recent dataslate has given the Custodes a few buffs. Here's to smiting the enemies of the Emperor!

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