Monday 26 February 2018

First Founding Mayhem League: Results Post 2

Another batch of games have been played in the First Founding 40K league, and the results are available in a timely manner!

Saturday 24 February 2018

And the terrain collection keeps on growing

The hobby butterfly visited once more, and this week's hobby time found me casting my eye around my extensive collection of Unpainted Stuff looking for something I could finish in a single painting session.

I bought a number of terrain pieces from Amera during their Black Friday sale last year, and I had painted one of them using standard brush techniques:

Terrace Ruin

Thursday 22 February 2018

First Founding Frostgrave: A few points to consider

As we get closer to kicking off The Rune Stone Race I thought it would be worth clarifying a few points and providing a couple of handy links. If you are playing (or considering playing) then read on!

Wednesday 21 February 2018

First Founding Mayhem League: Results Post 1

A bunch of games have been played in First Founding's 40K league, and the inaugural results table has been published.  It's the standings as of week 2 and half and a bit of the league; I suspect these posts aren't going to be particularly regular, but rest assured they are accurate (right Dave?)

Saturday 17 February 2018

Frostgrave: Revisiting the Rune Stone Race

Welcome back to the Vault for another installment of my hobby ramblings!

I'm finally starting up my long thought about Frostgrave campaign at First Founding next month. I'm planning a couple of demo/introduction sessions and then we'll be getting into the campaign proper!

I posted a draft of my campaign ideas in a previous post; but I wasn't too happy with some of the rules and ultimately with how the campaign will finish. This post is therefore an updated set of campaign rules which I hope will be simpler to use, and more fun for the participants!

One of the many denizens of Felstad awaiting unwary players!

Sunday 11 February 2018

Power Armoured Paint: The Lazy Persons Guide to Painting Space Shark Scouts

Welcome back to the Vault! This week's hobby time has been spent completing my first unit of Carcharodons Astra Scouts, and I am pretty pleased with the results. One of the original articles I wrote when I began the blog was a painting guide for Imperial Guardsmen (as much to help me remember the paint scheme as for other people's benefit), and I've decided a similar article for the Scouts will be useful as I've got at least two more units to paint.

Here's a piccie of the Scouts to wet your appetite:

Carcharodon Astra: Scout Squad Alpha

Sunday 4 February 2018

Power Armoured Paint: Long live the League!

Welcome back to the Vault! Rumours of war are beginning to reach the Void, and the Carcharodons Astra preparations for battle are becoming more serious.  The First Founding Club are holding a League in the run up to the Mayhem tournament, and the Space Sharks will be participating.