Monday 26 February 2018

First Founding Mayhem League: Results Post 2

Another batch of games have been played in the First Founding 40K league, and the results are available in a timely manner!

And here are the standings:

Random snippets from the week:

Hive Fleet Rule has disappeared in the Warp. The army has gone mysteriously gone missing, so if you spot any slightly lost and confused looking Nids near you please point them towards the club!  

I played against Paul's W's Ultramarines using the Chapter Approved combined Kill Points and Objectives mission (Dominate and Destroy); I took an early lead but Paul came back in the later turns to eventually clinch a nail biting 28-27 win!

Sneaky Space Shark Deployment
And another sneaky deployment behind all those Ultramarine guns!
Next update next week!

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