Thursday 22 February 2018

First Founding Frostgrave: A few points to consider

As we get closer to kicking off The Rune Stone Race I thought it would be worth clarifying a few points and providing a couple of handy links. If you are playing (or considering playing) then read on!

Starting Warbands should be built using the Frostgrave Rulebook only i.e. only spells, soldiers, etc. from the original rules. We are keeping this simple first time round!

Optional Rules by default won't be used (i.e. Critical Hits, Wounded, Random Encounters, Transcendance). However, if both players agree, then Random Encounters may be used; bring along some extra models if you choose to do so.

We will be using the errata. Check this out as it clarifies some of the spells (I'm looking at you Leap).

Pre-measuring is allowed.

All Out of Game spell rolls, etc. must be made in the presence of another player.

We are using the Campaign Rules: the following rolls should be made post game in the presence of your opponent:

  • Injury and Death
  • Treasure Token Rolls
  • Rune Stone Rolls

In a similar manner, Experience Points should be calculated and confirmed with your opponent at the end of the game.

You are perfectly at liberty to level up your Wizard, recruit new soldiers, spend gold, establish a base, etc. in between matches; be sure to record all amendments on your Wizard sheet. I am relying on honour among Wizards, but please ask if you aren't sure what you are doing and I might occasionally spot check your Warbands 😈

Although you can play the simple base game I would encourage you to look at the various Scenarios in the rule book and agree to play those with your opponent if you wish. I can help provide appropriate terrain and/or minis for some of these.

Random Encounter Picture :P
Over the course of the campaign, each player should play 6 games against 6 different opponents; these should be designated as Campaign Games. Players are free to organise and play additional games; these should be designated as Side Quests; these should be treated as normal campaign games except that Rune Stones are not generated.

I'd like the results of each game to be sent to me ( with the following information:

  • Player Names
  • Campaign Game or Side Quest
  • Scenario (if any)
  • Result
  • Treasure Tokens earnt by each player 
  • Wizard levels post game
  • Number and Types of Rune Stones acquired by each Player. 
  • Did you acquire the Tome of Transformation? 
  • Did you transform any Rune Stones?

Don't forget the bonus XP for painting your warband and writing some fluff. I'll write semi-regular posts with the league table and share any pics or background people care to share.

There are useful resources including a downloadable Wizard Sheet here.

That's all for now; I'll modify this post with extra stuff as it comes up.

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