Sunday 11 February 2018

Power Armoured Paint: The Lazy Persons Guide to Painting Space Shark Scouts

Welcome back to the Vault! This week's hobby time has been spent completing my first unit of Carcharodons Astra Scouts, and I am pretty pleased with the results. One of the original articles I wrote when I began the blog was a painting guide for Imperial Guardsmen (as much to help me remember the paint scheme as for other people's benefit), and I've decided a similar article for the Scouts will be useful as I've got at least two more units to paint.

Here's a piccie of the Scouts to wet your appetite:

Carcharodon Astra: Scout Squad Alpha

And here are a couple of closer shots. First up the Sergeant:

And one of the Bolter Boys:

The painting guide is pretty straight forward; like all my paint schemes I'm aiming for Table Top standard (or close to) with minimal effort.

Stage 1: Priming
i) Attach the assembled model to a spare base with Blu Tac.
ii) Prime the model with Army Painter Uniform Grey spray paint.

Stage 2: Fatigues
i) Base coat the cloth areas with Abaddon Black.
ii) Dry brush the cloth with Dark Reaper.
iii) Edge high light top areas with a fine line of Dark Reaper.

Stage 3: Carapace Armour (inc helmet)
i) Base coat with Mechanicus Standard Grey.
ii)Edge highlight with Celestra Grey.
iii) Base coat back "grill area" with Abaddon Black.
iv) Over brush "grill area" with Leadbelcher.

Stage 4: Aquilas and metal detail on gloves
i) Base coat with Warplock Bronze.
ii) Over brush with Hashut Copper.
iii) Wash with Baal Red.

Stage 5: Metal areas (e.g. Bolters, Knife Handles, Chainsword teeth, ventilation hosing)
i) Base coat with Leadbelcher.

Stage 6: Pistol Holsters, Ammo Pouches, etc.
i) Edge highlight the primed base colour with Ulthuan Grey.

Stage 7: Visor
i) Basecoat with Macragge Blue.
ii) Layer Altdorf Guard Blue.
iii) Layer Enchanted Blue, leaving some of the darker blue in the recesses showing.
iv) Layer Lothern Blue on the central area of the Visor.
v) Edge highlight the central area of the Visor with White Scar.
vi) Wash the Visor with Drakenhof Nightshade

Stage 8: Weapon Casings
i) Base coat with Abaddon Black.
ii) Edge highlight with Dark Reaper.

Stage 9: Wash the model
i) Wash the entire model (bar the Aquila) with a 50:50 mix of Badab Black Wash and Lahmian Medium.

Stage 10 (Optional) Chainsword "Tribal" Marking
i) Pencil mark the design on the Chainsword.
ii) Go over the design with Dark Reaper.
iii) Go over the design with Celestra Grey.

Stage 11: Basing
i) Remove the model from it's base and clean any excess Blu Tac
ii) Superglue to a Sector Mechanicus base.

As always, thanks for taking the time to read my ramblings! I'll be back from the Void again soon.

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