Sunday 12 May 2024

Recent painting efforts

 Welcome back to the Vault. It's been quiet here, but the hobby machine keeps on running. I thought I'd post a quick update with some of the recently finished models.

First up is the most recent project; a Chaos Knight all ready to support the Iron Warriors at a Highlander event next month.

Alongside 12(!) War Dogs (I've also painted two more Stalkers since the last post) this brings the Knights project to well over 2000 points.

The Knights also have some Nurgling allies to helpfully score secondaries whilst the big boys are duffing stuff up and taking objectives.

Inspiration recently struck me about how to use a couple of Rogue Trader era Dreadnoughts. Too small to be modern dreads and too big to be terminators they size nicely against Obliterators. A fun little project which taught be about paint stripping old models!

 And finally, a terrain project. I've wanted to produce a trench table for years and bought some Amera plastic trenches. A basic paint job on these alongside a couple of GW craters gives a cool looking table.

My local group and I knocked up some narrative trench warfare rules, and a doubles game ensued:

Next up I need to finalise a Highlander list and decide if I need to paint anything extra for it!

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