Thursday 13 July 2023

Warsmith's Words: Preparing for 40K 10th edition

 Welcome back to the Vault! Since my last post we've had the release of 10th edition, and I've spent a fair amount of time building the shiny new models in the Leviathan box. That's an awful lot more models added to the Pile of Promise.

I've played a couple of games with the new rules, and they are OK; some stuff I like and some changes which just leaving me shaking my head wondering what the hell the designers were thinking.

I've got a 10th ed tournament in a couple of weekends which should be a lot of fun, and a good opportunity to get some familiarity with the rules. The Iron Warriors will be in attendance, although I still haven't settled on a list.

Painting wise I've butterflied around a few projects. First up is an Iron Warriors Terminator Lord: 

I've also painted a Whirlwind Scorpius which is a pretty cool looking model. I started this model before the 10e rules dropped and I very nearly didn't bother to finish painting it; GW have taken the utterly baffling decision to move the Heresy models to Legends meaning their rules and points values become deprecated and ultimately non-playable. 

However following true Iron Warriors spirit I decided to finish the job and then have a bloody good moan about it. It will see some table top use over the coming few months.

 I *should* be painting some extra models for the tournament list (including a squad of termies packing power fists and chain fists), but I have been avoiding painting armour trim. Terrain time!

Imperial Bunker (from the Wall of Martyrs range I think).

And finally a broken Aquila piece (which came in a set with some other scatter bits):

Next up on the bench are some Autocannon Havocs which look quite tasty in 10th ed rules wise...

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