Monday, 19 September 2022

Warsmith's Words: More Reinforcements have arrived!

 Welcome back to the Vault! I am on something of a hobby streak at the moment, having completed two more models for the mighty Iron Warriors over this weekend. Both are likely to make the final line up for Octoberfest (although I'm still procrastinating over my list!)

First up is the terrifying Master of Possession.

The light isn't great on the photos, but I think the pictures are ok. This has been one of my favourite Heretic Astartes models to paint so far. Lots of different textures, and a great pose. 

There isn't a lot of power armour visible but I did manage to sneak in a hazard stripe or two on the greave:

The fur was a bit of an experiment, using some Vallejo greys over a black base; I quite like the effect.

Lyle is tempting me towards a very Daemon Engine heavy list backed up with Termies and Legionnaires. This means I'll need some Venomcrawlers, and I've completed the first one.

I attended a hobby afternoon with the First Founding Usual Suspects on Sunday afternoon where I started up the Crawler, and completed it on the Bank Holiday morning. The model was surprisingly quick to paint up (or I may have been unusually focused!)

There was plenty of blank space on this creepy crawly to play with the hazard stripes. Astute readers might have noticed I've fallen in love with the Azure Magic blue metallic. I think I might be going back through the whole Iron Warriors force to use it as an accent colour!

I also experimented with the fleshy bits; usually I will apply a red wash to darken the flesh, but in this case decided to go with a much lighter highlight. I like the overall result as it provides a greater contrast to the darker metals.

I like the right hand side of the model; the face in the eight pointed star is sooo Chaosy!

And let's end with the end! You can view the Venomcrawler's gloriously flabby butt in all its glory!

Next up is a second Venomcrawler. Oh and I need to finish writing a list!

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