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Warsmith's Words: Iron Warrior Warlord Traits

 Welcome back to the Vault! My hobby time this week has been spent painting the Iron Warriors Terminators. I've almost completed the base coats and am looking forward to getting onto the washes and shading.

Octoberfest is a little over a month away and whilst the rules pack hasn't been published yet I do know the basics:

  • 1500 points
  • Tempest of War Missions
  • Nephilim Command Point rules

The last of these will be a challenge for me as I do like to spend some pre-game CP on Relics and Warlord Traits and these are curtailed under the Nephilim rules. Even the normally free first Warlord Trait and Relics cost CP (1 each), and you only start with 6 as opposed to the normal 12!

Let's have a look at the Warlord Traits available to the Iron Warriors and see if there are any worth investing our precious CP on!

There are two sets of Warlord Traits available; the first available to all Chaos Space Marine Legions, and a second specific to the Iron Warriors.

Common Warlord Traits

1. Flames of Spite: The Warlord can re-roll Wounds in melee and and natural 6 to wound causes an additional Mortal Wound. I have used this trait in several games on my Disco Lord and I really like it; it adds a lot of reliability to a model with 14(!) attacks and will usually proc a few mortal wounds. On the shortlist.

2. Unholy Fortitude: Warlord has a 5+ Feel No Pain. Not bad, but if I really want access to a Feel No Pain I can take Delightful Agonies on a Psyker and hand the buff out more generally during the course of a game. Pass.

3. Hatred Incarnate: +1 Attack and +1 Strength if the Warlord charges of Heroically Intervenes. Re-roll Hit rolls in melee. This is kind of interesting on a Warlord with a bunch of high quality attacks; getting to S9 on a Daemon Prince with a sword (so wounding T8 on 3s) and fishing for 6s to proc exploding Wanton Slaughter hits is worth exploring. Play test me. 

4. Lord of Terror: Opponent has some penalties on Morale tests. Iron Warriors just need to kill stuff; we aren't Night Lords. More seriously I don't think Iron Warriors can invest in morale debuffs significantly enough to make this worthwhile. Pass. 

5. Eternal Vendatta: Pick an enemy unit at the start of game. Warlord has an aura of re-roll wounds for Characters and Core units against that unit. I quite like this; it's a good way of getting re-rolls into a list and could be fun supporting some Lascannon Havoks for example. Wish my Obliterators could benefit! It could also be a fun pick for some narrative high jinx to pick on your opponent Warlord or favourite unit. Play test me.

6. Gaze of the Gods: Warlord gas a 4++ Invuln Save and is considered to always be in all 3 Wanton modes. I suspect this looks better than it actually is. 4++ Invuln is good, but most HQs don't have enough quality shooting to want to be in all Wanton modes for the whole game. This would be ace to hand out as a buff for another unit however!  Pass. 

Iron Warriors Legion Traits

1. Siege Lord: Select an Iron Warrior Vehicle or Core unit; whenever that unit attacks a vehicle or building with a S7+ weapon that attacks gains +1 Damage. I'd love this to be an aura; then it would be green! This is somewhat situational but good against some enemy forces. Play test me.

2. Daemonsmith: Select an nearby Daemon Engine, Obliterator, or Machine Spirit unit. That unit gets +1 to hit. I have play tested this and like it for buffing my Obliterators. The Disco Lord has similar tricks for boosting my Mauler Fiends in melee, and it's great to get a rare buff on non-Core units. On the shortlist.

3. Unyielding Mettle: Warlord gains +1 Toughness and a 5++ Feel No Pain. Objectively better than Unholy Fortitude but the +1 T feels marginal. My initial thought was Pass, but a T7 Daemon Prince or Disco Lord might be worth a look.  Play test me.

4. Bastion: Select a Core unit; that unit gains Ob Sec and can either Hold Steady or Set to Defend when charged. Ob Sec Termies, Possessed, Bikes, Chosen. Oh Yes. If I take that big ol Block of Termies for Octoberfest this is a contender! Set to Defend and Hold Steady is icing on top. On the shortlist.

5. Architect of Destruction: Pick a Core or vehicle unit. That unit is considered to be in Wanton Destruction mode. A good pick if the right unit to buff is in the list; may be Lascannon or Chaingun Havoks (still to be painted) or my lovely Land Raider. Play test me.

6. Implacable Taskmaster: Pick a Core unit that has moved; it counts as stationary when it shoots. Havocs do this and no one else cares. Pass. 

Having reviewed the Traits I think I need to build the list and then pick the Warlord Traits (if any) to support the list. There aren't any stand outs to build a list around bar Bastion, but there are some solid choices. Flames of Spite is still top of my list!

(Update: Iron Warriors Forge Fiends buffed with Methodical Annihilation look to be great beneficiaries from Architect of Destruction. I'd like to try a build based on that combo!)

Next time I'll have a look at the Relics.

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