Monday 29 August 2022

Warsmith's Words: An Iron Warriors Weekend

 Welcome back to the Vault! I'm writing this post at the back end of a Bank Holiday weekend, and it's been a great opportunity to indulge in some Hobby Heresy with the Iron Warriors.

First up was a game against Tom's Guard and Inquisition mix at First Founding on Friday. Tom's a relatively new player to 9th edition and we had a great evening playing a Tempest of War mission and learning more of our respective army rules.

Saturday afternoon was spent facing off against Dave's Chaos Knights at Geek Retreat Sutton. This was our first visit to play at the store, and the staff made us very welcome setting up a table and showing interest in our game and models. 

Dave and I play tested a potential mission for Octoberfest (1500 points Tempest of War with pre-set Primary Mission, Deployments and Twist). The Chaos Knights again proved victorious (my poor Death Guard were stomped by them the last time we played), but it was a close game ending 90-82.

The Chaos Knights are shaping up very nicely...

We'll definitely be visiting GR Sutton again; the venue is light and spacious and there's a great variety of drinks and snacks to keep us fuelled up whilst we play! Bonus points was decent parking a few minutes walk away.

The Iron Warriors list I've been playing recently will need some tweaking for Octoberfest. The current list comprises:

  • Disco Lord
  • Terminator Sorcerer
  • 4 squads of Legionaries
  • 2 Spawn
  • 2 Obliterators
  • 2 Mauler Fiends
  • Heldrake
  • Rhino

I'd like to add the terminators I'd recently started painting to do some heavy lifting, and potentially adding some more Heavy Weapons. The Termie Sorcerer is somewhat lacklustre and may end up also being replaced.

Suitably enthused by the games I've also spent some time painting. I *should* have spent the time on the Terminators, but I set myself a different challenge instead. Could Captain Slow actually complete a speed paint challenge? 

I want to add some more iconic units to the Iron Warriors including a Vindicator, Daemon Prince and Cultists. It's the latter I decided to pick up from the Pile of Promise; the new Necromunda Ash Waste Nomads are perfect Chaos Cultists as far as I'm concerned - masked minions dressed in rags with a mish-mash of weapons and banners to proclaim their loyalties.

 I completed painting the figures in a single sitting (~ 5 hours), primarily with Contrast over a manually applied grey/white drybrush. There are then some highlights on the leather and red banners to provide a little more definition.

Some of the highlights appear a bit thick, but I think when the unit is on the table they will appear fine (plus 50 points of Cultists painted fast remember?). If they bug me too much I'll go back and tidy them up!

The bases were completed on a second session, using AK Interactive basing material (a lot more economical than GW texture paints) plus some painting.

4 Mooks with Las Carbines (count as Cultist Firearms):

Two Mooks with long Las Rifles (count as Cultist Firearms. Yes there's a theme):

Two Mooks with Las Rifles (counts as Cultist Firearms. Guessed it yet?):

Two "Missile Launcher Mooks (counts as yes you've guessed it).

So a fun and productive weekend; I'll need to add the Cultists to the next list and see how well they do.

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