Sunday 21 August 2022

Warsmith's Words: All the Trimmings!

 Welcome back to the Vault! The temperature has cooled enough recently that I've actually been tempted back into painting. The Iron Warrior collection is in bit of a funny state with far too many Heavy Support and Character choices painted up, and nothing for Elite and Fast Attack slots.

I've got plenty of choices in the Pile of Promise to resolve this however and I've decided to start on a unit of Terminators.

I am going to have to be strict with myself and work through these fellows with some proper batch painting; otherwise I can see it being quite tempting to just do a few to completion and never finish the rest!

All Veterans of the Long War (aka Chaos Players) must suffer for their choices; in this case it's the nightmare of all the armour trim. I'm well on the way however, and should finish the main armour trim with the next session ("just" the front of the legs to go).

Mind you, having painted Death Guard first (where every model is literally covered in tonnes of glorious details), the Iron Warriors feel like a breeze in comparison!

I'm really looking forward to painting up the trophy racks each of the Terminators bear on their back. Literally the good old Spiky Bits of yore!

I've started with a zenithal prime of Army Painter "Platemail" over Chaos Black. This gives a good base to start from and some shadow into the recessing. Looks more interesting than just a solid Platemail base coat.

One of the new Chaos Space Marine rules I really like is "Let The Galaxy Burn", which gives any flamer weapon +2 automatic hits. It's *very* tasty on Bale Flamers (to the point I'm considering two Heldrakes!) and I've really leaned into it for the Termy Unit with 4 Combi Flamers and 2 Heavy Flamers. Can't wait to use it on Overwatch!

Otherwise it's Combi Bolters and Accursed Weapons all the way. They are well fitted to carve their way through Infantry.

I've got a couple of games lined up for the Bank Holiday weekend, and I'll try and pack some of the Terminators into the list to try them out. Watch this space for progress!

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