Sunday 17 September 2017

New to the Review Crew!

Greetings once again dear readers! Today's post is short but exciting all the same! Long term readers of my ramblings may recall I've written a handful of articles for Multiverse. Multiverse is a great site to visit, covering books, comics and of course games.

I think Multiverse Team must have liked my articles as they have asked me to join their review team. Could I say no? Of course not!

Dragon. Gets the point across I feel. 
One of the aspects I really like about Multiverse is that as well as covering current products (and sneak peaks of cool stuff before if becomes available on general release), is that it also reviews material from the annals of pop culture history (modules, books and so on). It's great to revisit some of the artifacts from our geek heritage, letting the nostalgia flow, but also to take a more critical look at how these resources are (or may be aren't) relevant to our gaming and fandom today.

So first up will be Issue 6 of Imagine Magazine; TSR UKs gaming magazine from the early 80s. I've got a lot of fond memories of Imagine (and a bloody great pile of them in a dark corner of the Vault).

Will the magazine actually live up to my warm fuzzy nostalgic feelings, and how can I use the content today? I'll be sure to tell you all soon.

For those of you who care about Varchilde's actual hobby activities, well gaming and hobby time has been fairly thin this last week. I should really be painting my last few models for Octoberfest, but procrastination has struck, and I've:
  • Been on a shopping trip to pick up some materials for a sci-fi Terrain Build I have in mind
  • Raided the bitz box to look for a few pieces to contribute to the aforementioned project
  • Found and built an old school metal dreadnought that was waaay down at the bottom of the box
  • Kit-bashed some heavy flamer turrets for my Space Marine razorbacks with other odds and sods I found.
Old school Metal Dreddy. Has size "issues" when compared with current 40k bots.

Flamer turrets kit-bashed from left over Aegis Defence Line and Land Raider Bitz.
I think I'm finally ready to go pick up a paint brush. Until next time!