Sunday 16 December 2018

Frostgrave: The Smoke Silver Swords

Welcome back to Felstad my fellow Wizards. It's time for another tale of wonder from the ruined City of Wonders; today we will learn of the mysterious Smoke Silver Swords!

Many warriors and soldiers have perished within Felstad, and a number of their souls wander lost and and tormented among the fallen chambers and echoing plazas of the City. Some still maintain a  lingering tether to their mortal remains, shackled to the weapons they bore. When a number of such spirits are in close proximity to each other their agony is multiplied and made manifest in the form of Smoke Silver Swords.

Today's post is the second of a series covering the use of the Living Spell models from Malign Sorceries in Frostgrave; the aim being to use these models as additions to existing Frostgrave scenarios.

This particular model is called the Quicksilver Swords, and was a lot of fun to paint up; having both swords and smoke on a single model gives a good variety of textures of paint:

  • The whole piece was primed with Army Painter Platemail
  • The sword blades are washed with Guilleman Glaze and gloss Nuln Oil with a Stormhost Silver highlight
  • The sword cross pieces are Retributor Gold, washed with Baal Red and gloss Nuln before another lick of Retributor
  • The Smoke Clouds are worked up from Celestra Grey, through Ulthuan Grey to White Scar
And the base is of course another attempt at the Frostgrave flagstones; this version is looking a lot sharper than previous efforts!

And here are the draft rules if you fancy trying them out:

The Wizards and their soldiers have encountered an area where a terrible massacre has taken place in Felstad's dark past; the ghosts of fallen warriors haunts this place, but there is still a chance of treasure to be taken from these spectres.

Once all treasure tokens have been placed but before deployment zones have been chosen place a "Swords" marker in the centre of the board. Once a model moves within 6" of the "Swords" marker, replace the marker with the Smoke Silver Swords model. 

The Smoke Silver Swords counts as an undead with the following stats: 
M 6, F +4, S +0, A 12, W+0, H 10, Notes: Immune to Spells and Ranged Attacks

The Smoke Silver Swords flit in and out of the material plane, seemingly only appearing solid when striking or parrying; as such they cannot be affected by spells or ranged attacks.  However when the Smoke Silver Swords are destroyed the physical blades remain and can be taken as loot. If a model destroys the Smoke Silver Swords then it can take the sword as a trophy; roll a D20 to find out the specifics of the blade:
  • 1-4: An ordinary Hand Weapon 
  • 5-8: A master quality Hand Weapon with a jewelled handle worth 250 GC
  • 9-12: Hand Weapon +1 Fight
  • 13-16: Hand Weapon +2 Fight
  • 17-20: Hand Weapon +2 damage modifier
I hope you've enjoyed reading this post as much as I've enjoyed painting the model and writing the rules and fluff. I've got some time off for Christmas so I hope to be working on the next in the series soon!

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