Sunday, 30 December 2018

Power from Paint: Dizzy with Joy

Welcome back to the Vault my fellow Archons! I hope you've been enjoying the festive season, and had the opportunity to indulge in some hobby and gaming.  I've been spoilt rotten by family and friends for gaming loot (more on this later in the post), and I've enjoyed the opportunity to build and paint some 40K models.

I am taking part in First Founding's 40K doubles tournament in February and I'm teamed with the club's resident Eldar player. Of course this means I shall be taking the Kabal of the Sand Viper out for another raid!

We waited until Chapter Approved 2018 to be released before (so as to be sure of points changes) before drafting our army lists (1000 points, single detachment, rule of 2, per player). We've got decent lists with a good theme, and I've come away with some hobby homework (i.e. new units to build and paint).

First up is a new Ravager armed with triple Dizzy Cannons (painted following the guide here). Santa Claus was very kind to Space Marine players with the new Primaris Marine formation and rules in the Vigilus Campaign Book, and so I've responded as any proper Archon should; I've put more ways to kill Primaris into my force! 

My Craftworld partner will be bringing a Psyker, so fingers crossed I'll get lovely To Wound re-rolls when Doom gets cast! I'm normally on the receiving end of Doom so I'm looking forward to seeing how more effective it makes my forces. (Note looks like I won't get to benefit from my partner's psychic buffs like this due to the specific tournament rules. Never mind!)

Here are a couple more shots of the Ravager:

Front View

Right Side View
Regular readers of my Dark Eldar posts will know that Ravagers are pretty much bread and butter for my lists. The next addition to the Sand Vipers is a new unit type for me; the Razorwing Jetfighter. This is quite a fun (and straightforward) kit to build; the only challenge really is getting the engine intakes correctly aligned to allow the upper and lower hull sections to sit flush.

The canopy is intentionally missing; I'll paint it separately then glue it in place.

It's a very elegant looking flyer, and certainly looks like a nimble fighter when stood next to the bigger Voidraven Bomber.  I'm really looking forward to painting this model! I'll post an update (and some thoughts on how I intend to use it) once I've made some progress on it.

As traditional I'll reveal the full details of the list just before the tournament; next on the To Do list is some play testing and that may mean list tweaks.


I mentioned earlier that Santa was pretty good to me this year; I received a Kill Zone: Sector Mechanicus box for Kill Team, and a Primaris Librarian.  I've built the latter alongside a 2016 Imperial Space Marine (which I was given some time ago) for my slowly growing Space Sharks force.  I intend to revisit the Carcharodons Astra (and continue my Frostgrave Living Spells) as my hobby projects for the New Year.

Thanks for reading as always; let me know how your holiday hobby has gone in the comments!


  1. Love the color scheme of the vehicles here. Just found your blog. I would love to see the pilot and the gunner on the Ravager, to give it a proper 'finished' look (: Dissies are so good!

    1. Thanks for stopping by the Vault. I will admit I was a tad lazy not adding the gunners.

      May be I'll add them one day, but there's always the next projct...