Sunday, 26 February 2017

Power from Paint: Death Magnetic

The latest in the Power from Paint series of articles. This is coming on the end of a busy week of hobby and gaming so will be short on words, and long on pictures (hurray I hear you cry!).

Once a month I hold a gaming weekend, usually D&D on Saturday evenings followed by 40K on the Sunday. And today's 40K was all about Kill Team as we have the club Kill Team day next week.

So it's been a rush to get the Reaver Jet Bikes in some semblance of order for match day. Warning, it gets pic heavy after the break.

More colour than I managed on the Reavers :(

So hobby efforts. First up a load of the cork bases:

Sans bikes

Oh yeah, I built the riders as well
Worth a quick note about the riders. I've built the riders to give visual clues to the attached weapons as they are a pain to spot on the table (being under the hull). Pony tails get the Heat Lances, Dudes with knives and the X wings get grav caltrops.

And speaking of the upgrades; magnets! 
Amazon is your friend!

Yes that are tiny.

The after picture!

Tip; using a stack of magnets makes them easier to work with

The grand reveal; there's another magnet (actually smaller!) sunk in the jet bike hull.
 Next up priming! Looking good, and just in time for gaming. The Grav Caltrops got magnetised as well, but they don't show up too well in the pictures!

And finally some random pictures from today's games. It was a full assembly of the Conspiritors crew, and we played 3 rounds. I'll save results for another day!
Prematch; using a 6x4 split down the middle for 2 games.

Deployment; Hide then strike!

Orks deploying on the other table;

It was going well!

And then it wasn't!

Game 2; Reavers having a much better game!

No, the Land Speeder did not survive!
Once again, thanks for reading!

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