Sunday 5 February 2023

Warsmith's Words: Raptors and Warp Talons

 Welcome back to the Vault! Life has been very full on recently, but I've found some time to write a blog post. My hobby time still continues to be very Iron Warrior focused, although it feels like there's been more playing than painting recently!

I'm currently painting 10 Possessed; the sculpts are lovely, but the level of detail on them is insane! I've finished the trim on all the power armour, and am now considering the fleshy/spiky/gribbly bits. I'm taking these fairly slowly just to avoid burning out.

I do have a back log of completed units to share on the blog. So for today here are the Raptors and Warp Talons.

That's 10 Raptors; 8 with Bolt Pistol/Chainsword and 2 with Melta Guns. I've wanted some fast moving infantry to complement the slower moving Legionnaires; they give me options in the Tempest of War games for the secondary cards which require you to get further up the board. 

They aren't particularly killy but the melta guns do give them some bite. I've been toying with the idea of making them Mark of Slaanesh to give access to Murderous Perfection and get some cheeky exploding hits or extra damage with those guns.

 5 Warp Talons. These guys are pretty simple in their purpose - charge and stab!

I've run both unit types in game and I like having the extra mobility. I don't think these will make my doubles list (as my partner is running some more mobile units), but they definitely have a place in Tempest lists.

I've played five games so far this year; all Tempest and a variety of singles/doubles. I've played with and against Raven Guard, Necrons, Ad Mech, Emperors Children, Dark Eldar, Space Wolves, Tau, Tyranids and Emperors Spears; that's a lot of variety! Fingers crossed I'll play into more factions at the Doubles competition.

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