Saturday 7 January 2023

Warsmith's Words: Iron Warriors 'Brute Squad

 Welcome back to the Vault and a (belated) Happy New Year. Whilst I am not really one for new year resolutions I would like to continue with my painting streak, and play more games. I think lockdown got me into a much more "stay at home" mindset, and I'd like to change that in 2023, taking more opportunities to participate in the more social aspects of our wonderful hobby.

I painted over 100 models last year (a record I think), and I still have a number of them to share on the blog. First up are a pair of Helbrutes. Nothing says Chaos Space Marines more than these corrupted Dreadnoughts.

The first Helbrute is equipped with a Multi-Melta and punchy fist:

As is usual with the Chaos models I like the mix of armour, techno and gribbly fleshy bits. For Iron Warriors in particular the flesh is an opportunity to break up the endless steel and brass colour scheme!

The second Helbrute is armed with the classic Twin Lascannon and Missile Launcher combo; a veritable stompy anti-tank platform!

This time I've had the luxury of using a bright spot colour on the missile warheads.

I've played two games since the New Year and the Helbrutes have made appearances. The Lascannon/Missile Launcher works pretty much as expected, but I've been quite impressed with the Multi Melta Brute. The Fire Frenzy stratagem which lets you shoot back when something shoots at the Helbrute is very cheeky! 

The first event of 2023 will be First Founding's Doubles and one or both of these chaps may make the cut for the list.

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