Sunday, 15 April 2018

Frostgrave: The Sanctum of the Sigilists

Many Wizards and their Warbands are scouring the ruins of Felstad, seeking Rune Stones and other clues towards finding the fabled Sigilist's Tablet of Power. The location of the Sanctum of the Sigilists has recently been discovered, and the Tablet of Power seen within.

Each Wizard is gathering their followers and rushing to the Sanctum, hoping to claim the Tablet of Power before their rivals. And of course there is the not so simple matter of the Sanctum's Guardians and casting the Ritual of Control.

If you have been following the Rune Stone Race campaign (you can find the campaign rules here), you will be aware that the final game of the campaign requires a special scenario. This post details the scenario and rules which will detail the overall winner of the Campaign!

In the centre of the board, place four broken walls in a rough 12" square to represent the remains of the Sanctum of the Sigilist. At the centre of the Sanctum place a pillar, block or similar piece of terrain to represent the Tablet of Power. Finally place 4 Sigil Golems (large rune etched constructs) outside the Sanctum, one adjacent to each corner of the ruin.

The remainder of the board should be set with terrain as per normal. Place treasure tokens as per normal.

Special Rules
As soon as a model moves within 10" of a Sigil Golem it will animate, activating in the next creature phase.

Sigil Golems have the following profile:
M 4, F +3, S 0, A 13, W+0, H 14; Construct, Large, Sleeper (may not be damaged until animated), Draining Sigils (The protective runes etched into the stones of each golem act as a permanent protective ward; all attempts to cast spells at Sigil Golems are at -3).

A model may spend an action to loot the remains of a slain Sigil Golem to retrieve the Rune Stone which powers it; roll on the Rune Stone table below to determine the type:

  • 1-2: Chronomancer
  • 3-4: Elementalist
  • 5-6: Enchanter
  • 7-8: Illusionist
  • 9-10: Necromancer
  • 11-12: Sigilist
  • 13-14: Soothsayer
  • 15-16: Summoner
  • 17-18: Thaumaturge
  • 19-20: Witch

A model may spend an action to pass a Rune Stone to another model.

A Wizard in base to base contact with Tablet of Power may spend an action to invoke the Ritual of Control in an attempt to establish control over this mighty magical artefact. In order to make this attempt the Wizard must possess the Tome of Transformation (looted from an earlier adventure in the campaign) which contains the details of the ritual, and then spend an make a Control roll. Roll a D20 and add the following modifiers:

  • Wizard Level (i.e. a 10th level Wizard adds +10)
  • +2 for each unique Rune Stone in the Wizard's possession (i.e. if the Wizard owns a Soothsayer, Enchanter and Witch Rune Stone add +6)
As this ritual is not a typical spell casting activity, it may not be empowered.

A Wizard may direct his Apprentice to attempt the Ritual of Control as well. If an Apprentice is in base to base contact with the Tablet of Power he may spend an action and make a Control roll. Roll a D20 and add the modifiers noted above as if the Apprentice were his master (i.e. the Apprentice uses his Wizard's level and rune stones), and with an additional -2 modifier (he is still an Apprentice after all). 

Each Wizard and Apprentice may only attempt the Ritual of Control once during the game.

If, at the end of the game both Wizards have survived (i.e. not been taken out of the game) and successfully invoked the Ritual of Control, the Wizard with the higher Control roll is deemed to have taken control of the Tablet of Power. In the case of a tie, neither player has successfully controlled the artefact.

The Tablet of Power
Treasure and Experience
50 experience points are granted to a Wizard for each Sigil Golem his warband kills in the game. 

A further 200 experience points are granted to the Wizard who controls the Tablet of Power at the end of the game.

The Rune Stone Race Campaign Rules
The Sanctum of the Sigilist must be played as the last campaign game by two players (i.e. if the campaign is running for 6 games, then this scenario is reserved for the 6th game of two players).

Players keep a note of their Control rolls; the player at the end of the Campaign (i.e. once all players have finished all their games) has taken control of the mysterious Tablet of Power and is the overall campaign winner. If two or more players tie for final control of the Tablet of Power then use the following tie breakers; Wizard Level, then total treasures secured in the Campaign.

What is the purpose of the Table of Power? This will be revealed in future tales of Felstad....


  1. Question - do you only get one chance for the tablet of power roll? Or can you have several attempts

  2. I've thought quite a bit about this and I'm torn between someone suffering from a really crappy roll and someone just getting umpteen rolls. I'm erring towards:

    1) A roll for a Wizard
    2) A roll for an Apprentice (at a penalty, probably the standard apprentice -2)

    Bear in mind there is a *very* handy (also stone like in nature) 300GC item which will really help, and your opponent can't roll if his wizard is dead.