Sunday 31 October 2021

Power from Paint: Cronos Parasite Engine

 Welcome back to the Web Way! I've had another productive painting session this weekend and bar basing, completed the Cronos Parasite Engine; a fittingly creepy unit for Halloween!

This is good enough for table top standard and gaming; I'm pleased with the metallic red carapace (which was something of an experiment), and the gloss finish on the visor.

The metallics have come out pretty well on the lower half of the model, but I'm not convinced about the spiky racks on the back of the carapace. I might revisit the spikes and blades if some inspiration strikes.

Another lesson learnt would have been to paint in sub-assemblies; alas too late as the model was already fully assembled before I started priming. I've got 3 Talos to paint, and these are also fully assembled. Doh.

I slapped pretty much all the optional parts on this model to distinguish it from a Talos (i.e. the proboscis like face, and the mystical satellite dish on the Cronos's back side. I have no idea if these upgrades are any good game-wise; I'll have to start digging into the Codex and putting a list together!

 I'm also going to have to experiment with attaching the model to the flight stand; it's not a great fit but I don't want to glue the stand in place. I'll report back with my solution in a future post!

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