Sunday 3 October 2021

Pestilential Painting: The Inexorable Advance

 Welcome back to the Vectorium! Today is list submission day for First Founding's Octoberfest Tournament and I've dutifully sent in my selections. I've made a few amendments from the list I've been playing recently, which will give me a few more options, and shows off more of the variety of units of been playing.

The force is definitely *not* cut throat meta in terms of selections, but does contain a lot of models I've enjoyed painting. It's a bit of a Highlander force as well; every unit is a one-off apart from two units of Plague Marines.

So who is going be waging war?

Death Guard Patrol (1496 points)
Plague Company: The Wretched
Starting CP: 12 – 2 (Gifts of Decay) – 1 (Sevenfold Blessing) -1 (Plague Chosen) = 8

+ No Force Org + 
  • Foul Blightspawn [85pts]
    • (Warlord) Arch-Contaminator
    • (Relic) Revolting Stench-vats
    • (Pathogen) Viscous Death
+ HQ + 
  • Lord of Contagion [120pts]: 
    • (Relic) Reaper of Glorious Entropy 
    • (Warlord Trait): Rotten Constitution
  • Malignant Plaguecaster [95pts]: 
    • (Stratagem) Sevenfold Blessings 
    • (Relic) The Daemon's Favour
    • (Powers) Miasma of Pestilence, Putrescent Vitality, Curse of the Leper, Smite
+ Troops + 
  • 6 Plague Marines [166pts] 
    • (Champion: Powerfist, Plasma Gun), 
    • Blight launcher, 
    • Plasma Gun
  • 7 Plague Marines [185pts] 
    • (Champion: Powerfist, Bolter) 
    • Great Plague Cleaver, 
    • Flail of Corruption, 
    • Bubotic Axe/Mace of Contagion 
  • 10 Poxwalkers [50pts]
+ Elites + 
  • 5 Blightlord Terminators [205pts] 
    • (Champion: Axe), 
    • 2x Balesword, 
    • 1x Axe, 
    • Flail of Corruption
  • Tallyman [70pts]

+ Fast Attack + 
  • Foetid Bloat-drone [135pts]: 
    • Fleshmower
  • Myphitic Blight-hauler [140pts]

+ Heavy Support + 
  • Plagueburst Crawler [165pts]: 
    • 2x Plaguespitter, 
    • Heavy slugger, 
    • Plagueburst Mortar

+ Dedicated Transport + 
  • Chaos Rhino [4 PL, 80pts]: 
    • Combi-bolter
The list does have some teeth to it (literally in the case of Stuart the Blight Hauler) and I'm looking forward to seeing how the Lord of Contagion and the Poxwalkers fare as they have yet to see play on the tabletop!

Pretty sure we've counted the points correctly!

The tournament is next weekend and I'll be report on how the Death Guard fare!


  1. just dont forget that stuart has a whole extra weapon :P

    1. It was the first of Stuart's weapons I wrote on my cheat sheet!