Sunday 26 September 2021

The Hero Forge: A 40K Hobby Challenge

 Welcome back to the Vault! It's time for the next hobby challenge! It was about this time last year that I participated in the Tale of Four Santas project, and we thought it would be fun to get another project going over the autumn and winter months.

This 40K challenge is entitled "The Hero Forge" and comes in two parts.

Part 1: The Hero

The initial challenge is to build and paint a new Character model. This can be for an existing or new army at the participants' discretion. This Character needs to have a name, a Warlord Trait and a Relic declared for them (which could in some way be represented on the model). Finally some fluff/narrative background should be created for the Character.

The target date to complete Part 1 is by the end of 2021.

Part 2: The Warband

The second part of the challenge is to build and paint a 1000 point force for our new Hero to lead into battle! This 1000 points must include the points total of the Hero.

The target date to complete Part 2 is a little fuzzy; the intention is to bring these armies to the table top in all their painted glory for the First Founding 2022 Doubles Tournament which should be some time in February.

 And that's the challenge! 

 We've decide to open The Hero Forge challenge to First Founding's membership and the response has been somewhat overwhelming. We have well over a dozen hobbyists who want to participate even if it's only for Part 1, and there is international involvement all the way from exotic Belgium.

Several of us will be blogging our progress, others will be sharing pictures on Instagram using the tag #firstfoundingheroes and there will be a monthly progress thread on First Founding Face Book page. 

What will Varchilde be working on?

My first thoughts were to add more models to the slowly growing Death Guard collection or to paint up some of my back log of Carcharodons Astra. However seeing a number of participants have already declared Power Armour projects I've decided to focus my efforts on something rather different.

Long term visitors to the Vault may well recall I have a Dark Eldar collection and the Hero Forge provides a perfect opportunity to work on my long neglected Coven models. I have some Wracks, Talos and a lovely set of converted Grotesques which may finally get to see the paint desk.

And I have the perfect Character model in mind to kick the project off: this lovely lady Haemonculus is all set to lead The Coven of the Sand Viper into battle!

If you like the idea of the Hero Forge and fancy taking part then comment below. We'd love to have you along for the journey and see your progress as you work through your models. 

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