Sunday 6 January 2019

Varchilde's Vault is two years old!

Christmas is fading from view whilst the New Year is well and truly here. I have another celebration to blog about today; Varchilde's Vault is now two years old!

2018 has been an enjoyable year hobby-wise. I've:
  • Played in a 40K league and attended a couple of tournaments
  • Run one Frostgrave campaign, and played in another
  • Got hooked into Kill Team (although we don't mention the Wooden Spoon)
  • Started a new D&D Campaign
  • Painted associated miniatures and terrain
  • Written comic and gaming review articles for Multiverse
Not everything was so successful; I didn't complete the Space Sharks project but I intend to revisit the Carchardons Astra this year:

Let's draw a bead on 2019...
In keeping with the previous anniversary post I thought it would be fun to revisit the 5 most popular posts of the year.

The first entries are similar to last year; the ever popular tournament preparation and after action reports.

At Number 5 the Dark Eldar Kabal of the Sand Viper mustered themselves for raiding at First Founding's Warhammer 40,000 Octoberfest tournament.

The Sand Vipers make their second appearance at Number 4 in my Mayhem tournament report

Whilst at Number 3, we have a hobby post as we meet one of the Dark Eldar's more mysterious characters, the Spirit Prophet. I think this is probably the favourite model I've built and painted this year.

At Number 2 is another hobby project; the very cool Amera Fantasy Terrain which I've painted up for Frostgrave. 

Frostgrave features again in the Number 1 entry; the villainous Acecerak and his warband of lunatic cultists claim the top spot in addition to the wondrous treasures of Felstad they've looted this year!

And what are my plans for 2019? In no particular order:

Acecerak and the Ragged Court will continue their adventures in Felstad as the ad-hoc campaign continues at the club.

Dungeons and Dragons
The monthly forays into The Gift are all scheduled in, and I'll chronicle the events here at the Vault for posterity.

Warhammer 40,000/Kill Team
I'm adding reinforcements to both the Sand Vipers, and the Carcharodons Astra. I'd also like to paint some more models for Kill Team (may be I'll finish Gaunt's Goats!)

Board Games
Whilst I don't blog about Board Games too often, I do enjoy playing them. I added a few games to the collection in 2018, played a bunch, and I hope to play more during this year. (Captain Sonar was both immense fun and immensely stressful; crazy game).

There's the usual calendar of club tournaments, starting with a 40K doubles in February, and it's been a few years since I last visited Salute. I wouldn't mind a trip to Warhammer World as well!

So there's plenty to keep me entertained and the blog full of lovely posts over the next year. I hope you'll continue to visit the Vault and enjoy the geekery. Stay tuned for MOAR!

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