Sunday 20 January 2019

Power Armoured Paint: The Red Brethren

Hail and welcome back to the Vault my fellow Commanders! Hobby time has been precious this week but I have managed to play a 40K doubles game in advance of next month's tournament, and grab a couple of hours hobby time.

Regular readers will know I've picked my Space Sharks project back up, and today I've gone right back to where I started; the Red Brethren Terminators.  These cold blooded killers were the first unit I ever painted for the Carcharodons Astra but their bases don't match my more recent scheme. So they've been carefully removed from their old stands and placed onto the way more sexy Sector Mechanicum bases.

The sculpted bases look a lot better than the previous boring old desert textured bases.

I'd not applied any army markings to the Terminators, fully intending to use some decals at some point (I tend to do decals in batches as I find them a pain to apply). However I've been trying freehand exile markings elsewhere in the army and thought those lovely shoulder pads were crying out for some squiggly lines!

As every good Carcharadons Commander knows, the Red Brethren are 1st Company Terminators assigned to the Battle Companies by the Red Wake himself, typically acting outside the normal Company command structures and ultimately answerable only to the Chapter Master. A google search for Red Brethren markings led to a plog on B&C where the author had used red shoulder pads to indicate the Brethren; idea yoinked!

I've applied different designs to each Battle Brother, as befitting the chapter's most trusted Veterans.

The freehand is still wobbly but I'm getting more confident at it. I'm pretty pleased with the update to the squad; the bases look good and the new shoulder colours will help pick them out on the table top.

There's plenty of surface area on the squad where more markings could be applied (on the leg armour for example). I might revisit these again at a future point, but I'm content the squad is at table top standard at the moment. 

There's plenty more planned for the Carcharodons in the future but the next couple of week's hobby time is firmly focused on the Doubles Tournament. Stay tuned for Dark Eldar shenanigans!

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