Sunday 13 January 2019

Power from Paint: Screaming Jets

Welcome back to my dark corner of Comorragh my fellow Archons. I've been busy applying paint to my latest Dark Eldar unit in advance of next month's First Founding Doubles Tournament and I've finished the model today. 

I'm pretty pleased with the results:

Regular Dark Eldar players will recognise this lovely bit of kit; the fearsome Razorwing Jetfighter.  I've used the model in a couple of practice games so far, and I've been pretty impressed with it (although it does tend to draw a lot of fire and die early!)

For their primary weapons, Razorwings can be kitted out for either an Anti Tank (2 Dark Lances) or an Anti Infantry (2 Disintegrator Cannons) role. I've chosen the latter since I'm adding the Jetfighter to my list as some additional Dizzy Cannon redundancy.

I've decided to keep the Razorwing cheap by using a twin Splinter Rifle instead of Splinter Cannon (although the latter is good for a Flayed Skull unit if you have the points to spare).

The Jetfighter is also equipped with a smorgasbord of missiles! You can see one of them in the picture below. 

The Razorwing missiles are a unique weapon; there are 3 options which you can choose from each time you shoot:
  • Necrotoxin Missiles: A solid anti infantry choice; 3D3 shots, wounding non-vehicles on 2+ with poison.
  • Monoscythe Missiles: D6 shots, S6 and 2 Damage. 
  • Shatterfield Missiles: D6 shots, S7 1 Damage and -1 AP. Oh and re-roll failed wounds! 
Some back of envelope Maths Hammer shows that Monoscythe and Shatterfield are comparable against each other against multi wound infantry like Primaris, but Shatterfield are ahead against light vehicles like Rhinos.

As an aside, shot for shot, Shatterfield are better than Necrotoxin against MEQ (Marine Equivalents), but Necrotoxin will likely generate more shots overall.

I have high hopes the Razorwing will be a valuable addition to the Kabal of the Sand Viper. If nothing else it will look great alongside the mighty Voidraven Bomber, a very important consideration for the appearance-conscious Archon!

As always, thanks for taking the time to stop by and read the post. I've got some more Dark Eldar posts planned as playing Doubles with a Craftworld Eldar partner has really opened my eyes to the opportunities offered by Aeldari Soup, and I'm experimenting with some different relics as well. I can see some Craftworld reinforcements to my collection in the future...

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