Thursday 31 January 2019

The Gift: Session 6 Adventure Log

Session 6 begins with Nanny Ogg returning from her evening at Hearthholme's Inn, "The Boar and Tavern". Her search for information regarding Dark Eye Tavern and the surrounding hills are proven very useful:
  • There was another, older ruined tower in the Dark Eye Hills. It's structure is long gone, but local legend has it that there were rooms and tunnels below.
  • A stranger was seen some months ago near Dark Eye Tower; rumour says it was the enigmatic ranger "Hoode".
Nanny Ogg met a local farm hand called Bailey Blackthorne who claims to know the local hills well, having spent time exploring them. For a few coins he offered to show Nanny the location of a large cavern, and for a share of treasure he offered to act as a torch bearer for the party, having claimed to have worked for an adventuring party before.  He also warns Nanny Ogg not to let the Sheriff find out she's been talking about what has happened at the tower; he doesn't like people stirring trouble in town.

The party have located a second large cavern within the hills themselves. Climbing a scree slope they enter a cavern thick with spiders webs; their attempts to tear the webs attract the attention of the cavern's residents, a pair of monstrous spiders!

Combat ensues and Goro is badly wounded by the beasts. After the spiders are slain the characters retreat seeking the aid of Juan the Cleric who has been spending his time playing with the recently found still!

Rested and healed the party return to the cavern. Beyond the web filled cave lies a further chamber carpetted with smaller spiders.  The party light torches and tentatively cross the chamber to a room beyond. 

This particular chamber is clear of spiders, but of more concern is a sudden drop in temperature and a number of piles of stones which when searched reveal human remains! The chamber ends at a worked wall which when climbed reveals a chamber beyond. 

As the party clamber up they are surprised by two feral hissing humanoids dropping on them from above. These hideous creatures are recognised as undead Ghouls! A vicious combat again ensues, but there is more luck with the party and the monsters are soon dispatched.

A long, wide chamber leads into the darkness ahead of the party...

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