Sunday 27 January 2019

Power from Paint: Team Fluffy Space Pixies are Go!

Welcome back to my little corner of Commoragh my fellow Archons! If you've been following my posts in recent weeks you will know I've been painting some new models and getting some practice games in for a 40K Doubles Tournament next weekend. It's been something of a Vault tradition for me to write a show and tell army post before the event takes place, and if I can sneak a look at some of the submitted army data (not the lists themselves before you ask!) to indulge in some Chart Hammer.

So here's the Kabal of the Sand Viper ready to raid Real Space once more!

Not only are our army lists are a teensy bit on the tough side, but my team mate and I have been waging a tricksy Eldar disinformation campaign during practice games at the club attempting to convince our opponents we want to "forge a narrative" with our "Team Fluffy Space Pixies" motto of "Life is Beautiful".

I'm not sure we've actually fooled anyone but it's been a lot of fun. And we have forged some narratives; I really enjoyed my 2 Archons putting 2 wounds on a Land Raider with Splinter Pistols, and turning a large number of Crimson Fist Intercessors into piles of ash in the kind of Last Stand scenario that keeps Pedro Kantor up at night.

So here are our lists:

Yes I've got a list designed to bully Infantry. Yes I'm in trouble if there's a lot of armour on the other side of the table. That's why I made friends with the Mad Cat Lady and the Craft World Kin.

(Do you know why the Ynarri can't ride in the Venoms? The cat hair gets everywhere.)

Here's a few close ups of the army. Archons and Warriors:

A small flotilla of Venoms:

The Dizzy Rascals:

And the Razorwing Jet Fighter:

So who are we likely to be fighting against? The event is host to 26 Doubles teams including the Fluffy Space Pixies. Of the 52 players there are 17 individual factions represented (plus 2 unknown):

We have Ultramarines, Crimson Fists, and Imperial Fists representing the Codex Astartes, whilst the Night Lords are going to battle along side the other heretical Chapters.

The tournament rules allow for any faction to pair with any other (so friends can play regardless of what armies they own), although there are some buffs (extra CP) for having an "allied" team.

Out of the 26 teams, there are 21 different pairings (noting one team is still an unknown at this point). We can break this down by top level keyword.

The Imperium is by far and away the most popular top level faction, but note there is a lot of variety in the team make up.

Second place goes to Chaos. It seems the servants of Nurgle are still the most blessed of the Chaos Gods children. I'm not surprised; lovely models and bloody hard to kill.

In third spot are the ever popular and beautiful Eldar. I'm looking forward to see which sub factions (Alatoic, Coven, Wych Cult, Mad Cat Lady, etc.) are present:

We have 2 Ork Teams, so there should be plenty of Boyz and Toyz on the table.

And a single Nids Team.

Finally, three teams are making used of the event rule to take a mixed list. I'm really intrigued to see what synergies and tricks these player combinations can pull off on the table top.

As you can see we have a really wide field, which I think is great; there should be a fantastic variety of army lists on the table. My "competitive" head knows which combos I'd like to meet and and which I'd like to avoid; but fun-wise I'm honestly excited to meet any of these across the table top; this event is going to give some unique 40K match ups!

It's really tough to call who will come out on top in this event. I'll take a punt on the Ad Mech and Guard combo doing well, purely because I've played against the list, it's really solid and the guys know what they are doing with it!

That's all for this time. I'll report on how Team Fluffy Space Pixies have done after the event; wish us luck!

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