Sunday, 5 June 2022

Power Armoured Paint: What a hobby week!

 Welcome back to the Vault! I have had a wonderful week off work recharging my batteries, and spending some time indulging in various hobbies as well as catching up on some of those not-so fun household chores. 

I'd mentioned in recent posts I'd been feeling out of sorts with playing 40K, but I think I've got my mojo back! The hobby highpoint was a trip to Warhammer World with Pete and Neil (more on that later), but I've also been working on some modelling and painting projects.

First up is a new Primaris Captain for the Carcharodons Astra. He's intended to replace Captain Whiffy in lower point games and act as more as a buff character rather than a beat stick.

He's a fairly bog standard model but I've replaced his helm with one from the Venerable Dreadnought kit, and used two studded tactical marine shoulder pads. I think it gives the model quite a cool look.

Neil suggested using red for the cloak as a nod to the Captain's prior role as a member of the Red Brethren (Tyberos's Terminator elite). That was a good shout and the red provides a great contrast to the grey power armour.

The cloak is of course the perfect place to add the tribal markings. I haven't painted any of these in *ages* but I think they came out okay.

I've also assembled and prepared another bunch of models:
  • The latest units from Imperium, including some Ad Mech, Necrons and terrain
  • Applying the last of my 3d print Shark Icons to some Primaris units prior to painting
I'm a bit bummed about running low on the 3d printed parts; I've looked at re-ordering some but the postage from the States is pretty hefty. I'll probably have to bite the bullet at some point as there are a lot of Sharks waiting to bolster my forces.

Continuing the theme of finishing part done models I've also picked up a Land Speeder Typhoon that's been languishing at the bottom of a case for many, many years. It's still work in progress; I'll need a decent session to tackle the edge highlighting on the green panels. 

There was a *very* deep dive into the bitz box to find the driver, gunner and multi melta. There was no sign of the little armour panel which sits in front of the driver, so I've used a small left over bit from (I think) a Chimera. The crew and gun are all painted and will be glued in once the main body of the model is complete.

The Road Trip was a lot of fun; the car trip sped by as we discussed projects we are working on and want to do in the future, and we've decided to have a go at a Crusade campaign later in the year. More details on that in future posts.

I'd like to do something with the various bits of terrain I've accumulated from Conquest, Kill Team sets, etc. and make a skirmish board. I spotted some Necromunda Zone Mortalis tiles in the Forge World store which may do the trick.

Normally on the Warhammer World trips we will book a table to play some 40K; alas the centre was so busy we couldn't reserve a table, and we were so distracted by all the other attractions (event hall, lunch in Bugmans, shopping. Did I mention shopping?) we didn't even play the Kill Team games we'd planned in Bugmans.

We also ventured off campus to visit Warlord Games (Neil's a bit obsessed with the Strontium Dog and Judge Dredd games/models). We were made welcome there, and were very lucky to be offered a tour of the factory and warehouse. 

I don't play any of the Warlord games (although WW2 historics is looking tempting, as are the naval games) but I did pick up a bunch of hobby supplies. Time for a gratuitous loot pic: 

Some lovely Army Painter brushes, plus some spare foam and sheets for my wet palette. The paints are 
are a couple of Vallejo dark greys which I've been recommended to try out for Death Watch power armour and two Army Painter tinted metallics which I was cleverly upsold :P I'm thinking the tarnished gold might be good for the Death Guard, and the blue could make the Grey Knight Power Weapons pop.

I also indulged in some purchases back at Warhammer World. I'm still waiting for the Chaos Marines codex to be released and I held off making Forge World purchases as so many kits are now being re-done in plastic as part of the new Heresy release. 

But the Call of Chaos is strong. How about some War Dogs which I can now supplement in both Death Guard and Iron Warriors lists?

Those are some mean looking machines. I'll need to come up with a suitably evil paint scheme for these feral foes!

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