Sunday, 19 June 2022

Pestilential Painting: Spawn work in progress

 Welcome back to the Vectorium! This week has been very hectic with Real Life stuff, but I have managed to get a decent painting session in. My next gaming "event" is a one-day Planetary Empires campaign at the club open day in early July, and I've been allocated onto Team Chaos. 

Whilst I'm still waiting for the Chaos Codex to appear so I can get the Iron Warriors onto the table, this means I'll be running the Death Guard. An event is always a great excuse to add a new painted unit or two so I decided to get something Nurgley-done!

The big boys from the Gellarpox Kill Team are perfect to "counts as" Death Guard Spawn, so I've had a happy few hours getting the initial coats onto these horrors!

These are all very quirky, individual looking models, and I've started with the same colour scheme as I use for my Poxwalkers.

I think the model below is probably my favourite of all the sculpts; I love the sheer bulk of the model, and all those gribbly, gnashing maws.

The next model is just bonkers with his weird furnace gut, three heads and smoke stacks. I might go with some different colours to individualise the heads. Different colour eye lenses may be?

And take some time to scrape that evil mould line on the right arm I missed!

The next sculpt just screams Nurgle. Big ol' horns, guts hanging out, and a massive fly instead of an arm! The claw is probably just "borrowed" from a slaaneshy friend.

Last but not least is Squid Guy. I have no idea why his head is so tiny. That hood makes me think of Lord of the Rings Trolls. 

I'm happy with the progress I've made so far; the campaign day is 3 weeks time (I think) so fingers crossed I should have plenty of time to complete them. Look for an update post soon.

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