Sunday 25 April 2021

The Bard Stones Part Two

 Welcome back to the Vault! In today's post I'm going to expand on the previous Bard Stones post, again inspired by my friend Chris's blog. We've homebrewed a spell and set of rules for allowing Bards to enchant crystals to store Inspiration dice, so it seems appropriate that there's a poem to help aspiring Bards remember the properties of the various gemstones. Perhaps this verse is the Verbal Component for the Stone Singing spell?

"Lapis blue and turquoise healing,
Amethyst and quartz revealing,
Onyx black will keep from harm,
Hematite to ground the charm,
Quartz of rose for friends and love,
Moonstone is The Lady up above.
Malachite will bring you wealth,
Bloodstone, Agate, Jade for health.
Jet and Amber our delight,
As we meet in darkest night,
Stones of Earth, stones of power,
Serve us in this magick hour…"
Here's a list of additional real world stones and their associated property descriptions. As I encounter more, I'll add them to the post; I'm also considering some game-specific examples, but I think I'd add these to a separate post to avoid mixing the two sources.

Pietersite, also known as Tempest Stone or Eagle's Eye
Helps with acceptance and tolerance.
Dissolves confusion and fear. 
Promotes empathy and insight.

Variscite, the Calming Stone
Helps restore energy and brings peaceful sleep. 
Aids in ridding despair. 

Promotes practical wisdom, intellectual curiosity and assists with decision making.
Encourages truthfulness. 
Aids self-control, creativity, and originality.

Charoite, the Stone of Transformation and Power.
Transforms negative emotions into positive feelings. 
Aids inspiration bringing enhanced creativity and spiritual grown

Aids working with spirit guides and extra-planar entities.
Stimulates channelling/concentration and intuitive abilities

Fire Agate
A stone of courage, protection, and strength.
Relieves fears, and reflects threats of harm. 

Amazonite, a Hope Stone
Regulates thinking faculties. 
Strengthens physical stamina

Purifies the blood and body.

Increases sensitivity to natural cycles.
Aid emotional healing.

Absorbs negativity, and provides mental clarity.
Helps allay fevers

Carnelian, the Wish Stone
Aids in focusing on a matter, and in making decisions. 
Favourable to health, long life and good fortune.


  1. I love this - such an interesting use of 'crystal magic' :)

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