Sunday 7 February 2021

Pestilential Painting: Rhino Transport

 Welcome back to the Vectorium! I've enjoyed a couple of productive painting sessions this week and finished the last model of my Death Guard Combat Patrol project; a Rhino Troop Transport. I've had this kit lurking in my bits box for ages (a loyalist rather than spikey version) so it's needed a bit of Nurgleyfying.

Oh and apologies, I've over-exposed the photos again. Doh.

Various sources of bitz have been scavenged:
  • Bells/Icon from the Plague Marine kit
  • Death Guard Icon and Gunner from the Chaos Vehicle sprue
  • Spare Spawn tentacles
  • Dozer Blade from a Chimera

Not a great shot, but you can see the Dozer blade. I'm quite proud of the tubey-growth things you can see on the picture. These are offcuts of plasticard tube strategically placed on the vehicle.

The green is lighter than the Plague Burst Crawler since I remembered to thin the Creed Camo this time! It's much closer to the Blight Hauler I originally painted for this collection. It looks better on the more organic Daemon Engines, but certainly passable on the more traditional tanks.

I like to think the Death Guard treat these transports as pretty cheap and cheerful, manufacturing them regularly and then seeding them with their noxious devices so they can corrupt the battle field as they deliver troops into battle, hence the start of the mutations breaking out across the tank.

Quite a good pic of the vents/cysty things on the rear of the Rhino. Very simple technique and I think it will be helpful in customising more vehicles in future. I am pleased with the free hand fly motif on the roof:

If you look closely you can see it is based on the gold icons on the sides of the Rhino. Again pretty simple to do, and can be replicated across future models.

Looking forward I'm intending to grow the Death Guard force towards a Battalion, adding:
  • A second HQ choice, probably one of the Lord models with a big choppy Scythe
  • A melee focused unit of Plague Marines
  • Some support Characters
This will round out the foundation of my list and I can then start focusing on some more options from the Codex. As usual I'll share progress in future posts.


  1. thats a really nice paint scheme... will you do any more weathering and corrosion on it?

  2. I wasn't considering more, but I've had a similar query from the DG group. So may be...