Sunday 21 February 2021

Battle Systems Terrain Sets

 Welcome back to the Vault! Long term readers will know I am something of a wargaming terrain junkie with a varied collection of pieces ranging from scratch builds to pre-painted resin pieces. I'm always looking at cool table set ups and thinking about how I'd like to replicate them at home.

My holy grail for terrain/set up involves:

  • Easy to assemble
  • Pre-painted
  • Doesn't take much space to store

My eye had been drawn recently to Battle System's pre-printed card stock terrain sets and having expressed an interest I was gifted with a couple of sets for Christmas. One is centred around fantasy gaming and the other Sci Fi.  

First up is a Space Hulk/Under Hive arrangement:

The notches in the top of wall section above give away the secret to using the card pieces; the kit comes with a set of plastic pegs which are used to connect wall sections together. The wall sections also have punch outs for windows, doorways and so on.

The set comes with a 2' x 2' battle mat, and there's plenty of terrain to fill it, including scatter pieces and door ways. The card sets are well manufactured; there were very few snags or tears as I prepared everything.

Here are a couple more shots of the set up; it certainly works for a game of Kill Team (oh and it flat packs in the box on the top left).

Next up is the ruined Monastery set:

I really like this set up and it shows the flexibility of this system; multiple levels are possible, and the techniques used mean its possible to create some complex shapes (like the "round" towers). You do need to take a certain amount of care when building some of the more complex pieces as to much pressure will crush the card stock.

For reference the mat above is a 3' x3' FAT mat from Frontline; it's not provided with the Monastery.

This picture gives a better appreciation of the detail. It's possible to pop out window glass to create more line of sight if desired, and apparently you can fit the pieces back afterwards although I haven't put that to the test.

Storage test; this lot flat packs to a biscuit tin, bar the towers which I didn't want to risk unassembling.

Overall I think the kits look great and I can't wait to try them out. There's rumour of a dungeon themed Kickstarter later this year and I'll be sorely tempted to jump in. 


  1. It'll be good to give these a try play Necromunda, but the big question is did you get the Stargate?

    1. Ha! I haven't although I'm tempted to get some more stuff. It's pretty cool.

  2. The space hulk terrain set up looks awesome. I've become more concerned with storage space for my terrain recently, so these look like great alternatives.
    I recently backed a kickstarter featuring "pop-up" terrain boards for a whole battlefield. Looking forward to getting that later in the year.

    1. These sort of systems look good; definitely worth a punt to see if you like it. The Space Hulky one should be good for a game of Kill Team or Necromunda.