Sunday, 29 November 2020

A Tale of Four Santas: Part Two

 Welcome back to the Vault! I've been making more progress on the Omega Guardians Standard Bearer I've been working on for the Four Santas Challenge.

In this week's hobby session I've managed to complete the Banner itself and applied decals.

It's a very simple design but I'm quite pleased with how the standard has turned out, given (bar the Omega) it's all free hand (and we've established over many, many previous posts my free hand is pretty wobbly).

The decals are from the Ultramarine transfer sheets that come with most of the GW kits (and as used by Neil on his Omega Guardians). The close up picture show's there's a little bit of bubbling but it looks fine from a distance.

There's a Chapter Badge on the left pauldron:

And a Veteran Marking on the right:

I hadn't managed to figure out the basing scheme just by eyeballing the Omega Guardian pictures on Neil's blog, but he's explained the paints used and I've got enough of them that I can approximate it. So that'll be the next job and then the Ancient will be complete.

After that I'll be back on to the Death Guard. I'll share the progress in due course.