Sunday 22 November 2020

A Tale of Four Santas: Part One

 Welcome back to the Vault my little helpers! I've laid down a challenge to the members of one of the group chats I belong to. Whilst we can't meet to play games we are all working on various painting projects and four of us have agreed to build, paint, and gift a model to someone else in the challenge.

An infantry model is ideal (something like a Tactical Marine or Ork Boy), and preferably it should be something the recipient can use as a reinforcement to one of their own forces.

Names were picked out of the hat, and I've drawn Neil from Table Standard. This gives me a great deal of choice in terms of factions to pick from as Neil has a great collection of painted armies including:

  • Orks
  • Crimson Fists
  • Dark Angels
  • Crimson Slaughter
  • Catachans
  • Craftworld Eldar

However I've decided to paint a model for the Omega Guardians! I want to build a character model of some sort so it can fit into an army list regardless of other unit selections.

That's right! A Standard Bearer for Table Standard; it amuses me. I'd actually built this model some time ago out of a spare Conquest Intercessor, and some bitz from the intercessor and Command squad kits.

The Omega Guardians are a custom Space Marine chapter, and aside from a funky paint scheme are something a blank canvas in terms of lore and background (we'll come back to that metaphor in a bit). Neil has written some blog posts with some pictures of his current Omega Guardians models, and so this allowed me to try and figure out the paint scheme.

I think I've come close with the main scheme and I'm pretty pleased with the results.

I need to add markings to the pauldrons; this should be straight forward as the Omega Guardians use their Role marking on the right shoulder (Veteran in this case), and Chapter Symbol on the left (inverted Ultramarine symbol or Omega, hence the Chapter Name.

I also want to have a go at the Banner! I'm not the greatest at free hand but this should be fun. As I mentioned earlier the Omega Guardians don't have any lore or battle honours I can draw upon, so a Chapter Banner based around their symbol seems appropriate. The Omega is sorted, but what about Guardian? The word evokes protection or defence so I'm going to use a shield somewhere on the standard. Cue one wobbly concept picture!

Definitely something I can work with, and I'll be sure you to keep you all up to date with progress. Stay safe Venturers!

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  1. your Omega Guardians Company Ancient is awesome Dude... love how you converted and painted him! thanks for the nudge to update my Blog!