Sunday 8 November 2020

Pestilential Painting: Malignant Plaguecaster

 Welcome back to the Vault! This week's hobby time has been spent on the Death Guard Combat Patrol; specifically the Malignant Plaguecaster who will lead this Nurgley force. I'm really enjoying this project, and the models are a joy to paint.

I'll admit that I wasn't a fan of this model when I first came across it in the Dark Imperium box; it felt a little bit too "Wizardy" for 40K with it's gnarly stick but it has grown on me!  There are some fun little details like the spittle dribbling from his lip whilst he exhales his toxic cloud so I decided to paint that in the same bright green as the spell itself.

 The Malignant Plaguecaster is a Psyker; he's got access to some good offensive and defensive buffs and decent Mortal Wound output from the Contagion discipline. He can even take a Relic version of his stick to boost his Smite casting!

Loads of nods to Papa Nurgle on the model; the cape is reminiscent of fly wings, and the centre of the staff contains the traditional triple circle icon

One of the great facets of the Death Guard models are all the icky tentacles and spikes; I love the little tentacle holding the Bolt Pistol in place. 

 The next model on the painting queue is the Foul Blightspawn; a lovely steampunk-esque Plague Marine with a disgusting effluent spreader. I hope he'll be as much fun to paint as the Plaguecaster! 

Astute readers will note that I haven't based the Plaguecaster. I'll wait until I've got a bunch of Infantry done and then complete the bases as a batch.


  1. Great work! Looking forward to the new codex then?

  2. Certainly am! This is a brand new army project so I haven't even a played a single game with the old Codex.

    I hope they roll up some of the Psychic Awakening book into the new Codex.