Sunday 12 January 2020

Frostgrave: The Scrapskuttle Cauldron

Welcome to the darkest, deepest chambers of the Vault.  This week I have been working on a few gaming and hobby projects; rolling up a character for my first game of 5th Edition Dungeons and Dragons (I'm very excited to play this), and working on my latest Intercessor squad (edge highlighting power armour).

I like to listen to podcasts and You Tube videos while I paint and Squidmar Miniatures recently posted a fun video involving a bunch of different commission artists working on the contents of the Warhammer Underworlds Goblin Warband.  This is a collection of nine really characterful miniatures, and I reckon you can build a decent Frostgrave Warband out of the set.

I've had the Gloomspite Gitz (aka Warhammer Goblins) Endless Spells kit in my shame pile for some time to paint up for Frostgrave, and one model in particular struck me as being useful; the Scrapskuttle Cauldron.  So in advance of grabbing the Warband, I've built and painted the Cauldron!

It's a large magical cauldron on a set of spider legs; how bloody cool is that! I'd originally intended to use this model for a Frostgrave scenario; a magical creature which if defeated would generate a treasure token which would generate rolls on the Potions table, and potentially allow the wizard or soldier which defeated it to drink "in game" and gain the benefits of an immediate random Potion.

The model can still be used for that purpose of course. I intend to use this model with the Gitz Warband (which only has 9 models in the set, so there's an open soldier slot) as a Large Construct.

The paint scheme is very quick and simple:

  • Legs: Skeleton Horde
  • Cauldron: Abaddon Black, with Moot Green and White Scar Dry Brush
  • Metalwork: Leadbelcher, Magic Wash (1:1 Nuln Oil and Medium), Dry Brush Moot Green and White Scar
  • Smoke: Biel Tan Green Wash, Moot Green and White Scar Dry Brush

The model still needs to be based, but I'm pretty pleased with the final results. I'm looking forward to getting the Skuttler onto the gaming table (which will be soon I hope).

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