Sunday 7 October 2018

Target Prioritisation: What are the benefits of war gaming and model making?

Welcome back to the Vault once again faithful Venturers! This week's hobby time has been spent finalising my list for Octoberfest, and slapping paint on some 40K models. One of my other hobbies is Tai Chi and I've also spent time this weekend preparing for some introductory Tai Chi sessions I will leading as part of an event for World Mental Health Day on Wednesday 10th October.

I've been very indecisive about what army to take to Octoberfest; agonising over what will do well in the various missions, and give me the best shot at winning my games.  But whilst having choices is fun, not making a decision has been bugging me. So I've decided to go with what I feel will be the most entertaining to play (a variation on my Dark Eldar), and making that decision has been liberating; I've been able to crack on with the final bits of painting required for the models.

Combining these two separate threads got me thinking; my gaming time is meant to be fun and I lost that focus for a little while. Let's think on the positives of the hobby and why it's good for us!

I've magnetised and painted Blasters for the Reavers! Pew! Pew!
First and foremost, I enjoy the social aspect of playing games; i.e. getting together with like minded individuals to enjoy a common activity. My favourite definition of a game is "a social contract between people to have fun". Yes, competition is important, and winning feels great, but an enjoyable shared experience is my foremost objective.

I'm really lucky in having a local games club to attend, and a variety of events to participate it; this widens the number of people I get to meet and play games with.

UCM vs UCM: Drop Zone Commander Tournament
 The other major pillar of the war gaming hobby, modelling and painting, is a more solitary activity (although I do enjoy group painting sessions at the local shop on occasion). Having finished the Dark Eldar Jet Bikes I've spent some time applying base colours to Gaunt's Ghosts:

I didn't really have an objective in mind when I picked up the models, paints and brushes; I chose an aspect of the models (the legs) and just sort of free-wheeled the colour choices from there. The time passed by quickly; when I next looked up a good hour had flown by!  And this is another key benefit of the hobby for me; it's relaxing and engaging. To pick a phrase from my Tai Chi vocabulary I find it mindful, that is I become completely absorbed in the activity.

I painted my Necron army after a family bereavement a number of years ago. Although I didn't realise it immediately when I started the project, the modelling and painting provided a welcome distraction as I'm sure you can imagine. 

I don't think I've shared any pictures of my Toasters on the Vault, so here are a few for your pleasure:

Lord with Resurrection Orb

Portalling Warriors (Objective Markers): Front
Portalling Warriors (Objective Markers): Side
I have a recollection of painting 40 odd Scarabs being strangely therapeutic, and I think this particular army might have been the start of my obsession with edge highlighting!

Thanks for taking the time to stop by and read; there will be plenty more gaming antics to discuss soon!

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