Thursday, 25 October 2018

SELWG Show 2018: The Pictures

Time for a bonus mid week post! On Sunday I braved the challenges that are Southern Rail's Replacement Bus Service and ventured to Crystal Palace to attend SELWG Show 2018. SELWG (South East London Wargames Group) is an annual war games show, and whilst not on the scale of Salute (is anything else on the scale of Salute?) there are plenty of games, demos and traders to tempt a gamer out for a day.

The standard of the tables was pretty high, and there was a variety of periods, genres and scales in attendance; there really did seem to be something for everyone. And of course I took some pictures to give you all a flavour! (I utterly failed to note down (or even take pictures) of the names of most of the games and the groups who so kindly brought them along. Apologies to all.)  

I'll start with a few pictures of some of my favourite tables (click on the pictures to enlarge them):

 Kawanakajima 1561: oodles of beautifully painted & colourful Samurai.

Sung Chinese. Lots of boats staging an island invasion.

Crawley Wargames WW2 Eastern Front "Tanks". I actually played this very fun little participation game as our 4 Russian tanks hunt down a formidable Tiger!

Gaslands Zombie Bash. I've been meaning to try out Gaslands for ages.

Next up is a modern day desert conflict. Reminds me I've also got Black Ops sitting on the "play me" pile. Sigh.

The next set up was amazing. Based on the 1917 actions when the Royal Navy attempted to blockade the Belgian ports to stop the passage of German U Boats, this scene recreated a diversion on the Zeebrugge mole by HMS Vindictive and allowed players to take on the roles of attackers and defenders.

The next set of pictures are from my favourite table of the day; a Lord of the Rings set up absolutely oozing with character. I don't think this represented a particular encounter from the stories, but there were little dioramas absolutely everywhere I looked.

Sauron was not content with merely fielding Oliphants:

the Spiders,

Dragon and Balrog all came out to play!

And to finish up here are a few of the other gaming tables (there were more that I missed.)

I hope you've enjoyed the pictures. If you haven't attended War Games Shows in the past I'd heartily recommend the experience; I'll be attending more in the future!


  1. Gotta agree about the LotR game. It really looked the biz!

    1. Definitely a labour of love (like a lot of the games present).