Sunday, 4 July 2021

Fixing the Vindicare

Welcome back to the Vault! I'll admit today's post is a bit of a click-baity title; I don't mean fixing the Vindicare's rules in any way, I literally mean repairing my broken Vindicare model.

My Sniper model is one of the old school metal models, and it had an unfortunate episode some time ago where it fell off a shelf onto the floor. It's arm with the rifle broke off, and the material fixed to the base was damaged. Here's a picture of the original pre-"incident".

I've cleaned off the old super glue around the joint and reattached the arm in place. I needed to fix up the paint around the join and in a couple of other locations where it had become chipped. Casting a fresh eye over the model I also decided to add a bit more spot colour as the grey and metal do tend to bleed into each other. 

The current Vindicare model also comes on a 32mm base, so I thought it would be fun to create a new base for the Sniper, with a bit more detail than a simple dunk in the sand pit. 

A quick rummage in the bitz box conjured up a spare piece from a GW ruin. This was cut to fit the base, and an off cut added as a bit of scatter. 

The rubble is Geek Gaming Scenic's "Grimdark" base ready mix. Which has been glued on with their "fast drying" glue, and then sealed. Really easy to use, and looks great.

Once the base was complete and dry, it was a simple matter to attach the Vindicare (having first snipped the metal slotta-base tab).

I'm happy with the results. I think the model looks a lot more impressive on it's new base, and the spots of additional colour help break up the greys. May be with the new base and paint he'll be more effective on the table top? Nah!

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