Monday 26 October 2020

None of your treasure is safe!

 Welcome back to the Vault! I had intended to start painting some Plague Marines over the weekend, but the weather conspired against me and I was unable to prime the models.  Not to be undone I decided to chip away at one of the myriad of other projects; in this case my D&D bestiary.

I had been very kindly gifted some Wiz Kids pre-primed miniatures for my birthday and so some of these jumped to the top of the painting queue. First up is Rusty the Rust Monster.

The bane of fighters every where, the Rust Monster is one of my favourite monsters! Nothing sends fear into Plate Mail wearing characters than a hungry Rusty. I went with a brown/orange scheme thinking that some of that ferrous material that he's consumed would manifest through the creatures shell.

I've also painted a pair of Xorn. These earth elementals like to consume gems and precious metals as opposed to Rusty's ferrous favourites.

These were a lot of fun to paint, and look suitably alien with their 3 arms, legs and oddly placed eyes; you can imagine them gorging on rock and stone in those massive maws.

I did experiment initially with Contrast paints on these models, however Contrast does not like the Wiz Kid primer; back to more traditional painting instead (although Contrast has been used in places).

I have a fancy to use all three of these monsters as an encounter in a D&D game; metal gobbling bandits looking to exact a tax from passing adventurers. Could be a lot of fun (and potentially expensive for unwary characters!)

The weather has been better today so I've primed the Plague Marines mentioned at the start of the post; I'll share progress on them in due course.


  1. I’ve always liked to combo rust monsters with nasty melee critters with a level of anti Mage abilities -iirc Flesh Golems work well. Which are immune to a lot of spells.

  2. I still have flashbacks to Conwyn, Iago and co. fighting the rust monsters with their Ettin handler. /Shudder